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How Feedback Tools Can Streamline Online Banking Experience

In 2020, digitalizing the banking sector is a prominent stepping stone towards streamlining and improving customer experience. And within this process, the customer feedback tools and software for banks is the core game-changer to bring in a personal connection between the operating service and the client base. The feedback software has been of tremendous help […]...
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How to Choose Best Employee Feedback Software for Your Organization

Feedback culture has established itself as one of the most critical aspects of any organization. This is especially the case with employees, who spend hours of their day providing dedicated services to your establishments. Therefore, introducing employee feedback software into your workspace has become such an important aspect of running your business. Taking care of […]...
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Benefits of Replacing a Restaurant Feedback Form With a Feedback App

Most restaurants try to collect feedback from their customers, the most favorable process being a paper feedback form with a printed survey. Even if the customers respond to these surveys, it does not bring much help to the business. Analyzing and converting these feedbacks into useful results is not only difficult, but also very time-consuming. […]...
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How a Customer Feedback Software Win Back Your Lost Customers?

Customer Feedback is any information that a customer gives after using a product of your company. Such information conveys satisfaction or the lack thereof, thoughts, and opinions about the product. Technology has come a long way and so has the process of collecting feedback, analyzing them and decide what the best course of action is. […]...
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What Makes Student Feedback Apps Necessary Today?

The education system today is indisputably facing challenges from almost all regions. With constantly decreasing teacher-student ratio in many countries, the system is surviving between budget constraints, rapidly evolving technology and a constant call for a complete system overhaul. Something that appears to be in a distressful state of affairs is actually being dealt with […]...
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How Hospitals can leverage Real-time feedback through a Patient Feedback App

It is critical for all hospitals to collect patient feedback to improve their healthcare services so that they can provide patients with the best experience during their stay. Using the primitive method of pen and paper makes it very difficult to keep track of all the feedback forms. Most of the times they end up […]...
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Strategies to Turn Restaurant Guest Feedback into More Revenue

When a customer walks in your restaurant, he or she is looking for not only a gastronomical feast but is also drawn towards the ambiance and the service that the place offers.  Given the cut-throat competition that prevails, soliciting customer feedback can give you valuable insights into what the customer expects and what was delivered, […]...
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Features that You Expect from Ideal Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback software products and systems have become essential for enterprises of all sizes in all sectors. This is because to deliver delightful consumer experiences you need to have the ability to efficiently manage buyer feedback. Customer feedback can be defined as any information that conveys your consumers’ opinions, satisfaction levels, feelings, or thoughts about […]...
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Importance of Customer Feedback Software for Events and Expos

After an event or an expo is over, it might look like it was a successful one. But did the attendees find it interesting, and did it even create the right impact? It is important to know the views of the attendees and figure out if the response was good or bad. This is exactly […]...
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