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Difference Between Online Feedback Surveys Vs Live Chat-bots

What is a Feedback Survey? A feedback survey is a type of process used to find the amount of customer satisfaction. Feedback can be taken on the basis of services provided by the business to different customers. A survey is designed consisting of many questions so that the business can get proper feedback on its […]...
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What is Customer Satisfaction and Why Does it Matter?

Customer satisfaction is a measurement that quantifies the degree to which a customer is contented with a product, service, or experience provided by a business. It measures how a customer feels about a brand interaction. This can be calculated by using a customer satisfaction survey app that examines your customer’s happiness.  These days, firms place […]...
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Essential Tips for Creating Effective Customer Feedback Surveys

As technology grows, there is always a scope of betterment, in order to explore the area of improvement; customer feedback survey is something that gives an opportunity to develop in the area you’re lacking in. Many companies view their customers as people who can break or make the progress of the unit. Companies tend to […]...
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Effective Customer Experience Strategy to Stand Out of The Crowd

With significant evolution in the working methodology of the market, expectations of consumers have risen even before the set parameter. Today, irrespective of the niche, customers want to experience reliable as well as rapid services. Not just that, but they also want sellers to understand their requirements profoundly and serve them nothing less than the […]...
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Why Student & Parent Feedback Matters for Schools

Effective teaching helps to improve students’ learning and prepares them for a successful future. But to deliver great teaching, schools need to get feedback from students and parents on their teachers and the learning environments they provide. A quality student feedback app can help districts, schools, and educators garner valuable feedback and insights that they […]...
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Top & Best Customer Experience Trends to Watch In 20th Century

As an individual who is trying to make it big in business, you will have to create a good rapport with customers. The best way to gain goodwill in the market and create a desirable customer base is to seek to achieve optimum customer experience. When you know what your clients think about your business, […]...
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What is a Customer Effort Score and Why You Should Measure it

Customer Effort Score or CES is a simple metric that is designed to evaluate and measure the amount of effort a customer puts in during their engagement with any business. This effort can range from anything from a request, finding a product, purchasing a product, checking in, checking out, exploring, and other parts of a […]...
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How Universities Can Provide Excellent Student Experience

If you are running an educational institution, you have the power to nurture the future generations of the nation. Therefore, you need to be careful regarding how you are educating the students. Especially, when you are running a university and have the finest minds of the generation at your disposal, it is your responsibility to […]...
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