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How To Collect Customer Feedback via Business Text Messages

Business text messages are an effective method to capture consumer feedback about your services or products, customer care, and general brand experience. On average, most surveys obtain a response rate of just 10-15%. However, SMS messages are much better as 98% of them are opened and their response rate is as high as 80% as […]...
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What is Brand Experience and How It Is Measured?

Brand experience has risen to the forefront of the market research landscape, but it is confused with several brands constructs to which the concept is related. Brand attachment, brand attitudes, brand personality, & brand engagement are all terms that marketers and advertisers usually are bandy about, giving them a familiar ring. Customer satisfaction is a […]...
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Importance of Customer Feedback Software In The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is all about pleasing your customers and making their requirements a priority. For top-notch service, it is important to gauge what your customers perceive about your hotel. Collecting their feedback gives perspective in the direction that needs improvement. It also helps in maintaining the appreciative qualities of your hotel. Customer feedback helps […]...
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6 Ways to Streamline and Improve Your Customer Experience

While the title statement might sound vague to you at once, when you think of it, it is true. All apps, websites, and software seek customer reviews to decipher what they are looking for. One great way in which you can streamline your customers according to their expectations is data integration. It is simply a […]...
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Importance of Patient Feedback in Healthcare & How to Provide it

The number of patients reading online reviews before ever setting foot into a doctor’s office is increasing day by day. According to a report in 2013, nearly half of the patients who were surveyed opted to see a doctor who had received positive reviews. This was a really interesting report as it shed light on […]...
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High-Profitable CX Strategies in the Age of Digitization

Good customer experience comes from a customer satisfaction-centric approach and a lot of meticulous effort. From using your product to calling for assistance to the customer care, everything has an influence on the customer’s experience and perception- it decides whether the customer will continue to use your product or opt for a competing brand. It […]...
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Gen X vs Gen Y vs Gen Z and Their CX Expectations

Generations are divided and classified. Each classification is defined by their birth year. Every set of generation division has its own common characteristics and traits they are recognized by. There are 3 Sets of Categories: Generation X: Born between 1965-1980 Millennial (Generation Y): Born between 1981-1995 Generation Z: Born between 1996-2012 The fast-spreading technology is […]...
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