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Brands are evolving with the dawn of the digital age. Brand image nowadays doesn’t depend on their products, but the experience they offer their customers with. Encouraging customers to engage with your brand is the most difficult task today, as they don’t want to go through the trouble of getting out and buying things they can easily get online. This is why brand experience has become the most prominent advertising tool for ventures. A brand experience management platform like piHappiness can help brands improve their customer experience with the help of its functions that are specifically designed to help your venture cater to the needs of the visitors.

Build Brand Experience Through piHappiness
Improving your brand and visitor experience should be your first and foremost priority as a business. This will help you gain loyal customers, which will further bring in more customers because of the positive word of mouth. The two main factors piHappiness’ brand experience feedback software helps your business to obtain are:

The physical space will almost never have the required facilities as new demands continue to rise. It is all about creating moments, which can be grabbed, clicked, and put up on social media by the customers. The power of presentation is often overlooked and ultimately diminishes the brand experience.


Instead of focusing on the physical size of the space, it’s imperative that businesses focus on the experience and the feel of the space from the moment the customer crosses the threshold and enters your domain. The physical dimensions need to play with the guest experience to create a brand appeal that surpasses mere walls of the establishment and leaves a lasting impact on customers’ minds.

Discover What Your Customers Want Through a Brand Experience Feedback Software

With piHappiness brand experience feedback app, find out why exactly the customer is visiting your establishment in the first place and work not just to repeat the same scenario, but to build others like them so that they keep returning for more. With the help of piHappiness brand experience software, you can properly assess these important things:

01. Asking Relevant Questions

Is it speed? Or a customized experience? For takeout ventures, you can design the physical backspace to organize your operations and resources so customers get quality services, even while you design the waiting space to be pleasant and comfortable.

02. Learning to Identify Moments

What you are looking to create is a place that is not just physical walls and tables and whatnot. It is not just the services either, even though that is your prized centerpiece. Here are a few suggestions to get this process into play:

03. Think Beyond the Physical Space

While signature moments full of nostalgia and longing still matter, if popular social media feeds are anything to go by, it is perhaps time for the ventures to think beyond the actual physical space and usher in an era of brand experience building through providing online services. One’s brand tends to extend beyond tangible walls and reaches the home of prospective customers. 

04. Bringing it All Together

You need to bring together your entire brand experience and pack it in three and a half boxes instead of four walls and deliver it right to someone’s door. Moments still matter but often they do not happen in the space that you planned. If you can treat this change as an opportunity, you can see that the brand’s scope is expanding.


A brand experience management platform like piHappiness would help you identify these exact moments so you can know what your strengths are and also what you lack so you can build on your strengths, while repairing the areas you lag in to make them more refined.

piHappiness as a Platform to Measure & Enhance Brand Experience
Receive Instant Feedback

Within 30 seconds, piHappiness collects the core guest insights. The piHappiness brand experience feedback app is the fastest way to know your customer satisfaction. Dynamic questionnaires designed to get valuable customer insights and comprehensive reports of their answers are delivered to the management system. The feedback-collecting emoticons and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) keeps track of brand experience.

Responsive Brand Experience Management Platform

piHappiness improves retention and loyalty of customers towards the brand by responding to their feedback directly from the platform. The complaints and suggestions are taken care of by the management on receiving real-time notifications by emails. A feedback acknowledgment is reverted to customers making them feel cared for, ultimately improving your brand experience

Allocate Department-Centric Performance

piHappiness brand experience feedback software monitors every feedback in detail and marks them for review. It allows the authorities to pitch tasks for relevant staff to address brand concerns according to departments. This especially comes in handy in the cases of negative feedbacks, which can be paid attention to and resolved as quickly as possible to make the customer feel important and making them loyal to your brand.

Scope of Brand Experience Feedback Software

Get in touch with our experts and install a brand experience feedback software for better functionality and growth of your venture. With proper marketing, planning and taking real-time feedback through piHappiness’ brand experience feedback app, you can finally design an experience that transcends the physical space of your restaurant and brings your brand’s touch right to your customers’ door.

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