Frequently Asked Questions!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are here to answer your most common questions related to piHappiness Customer Happiness App & Survey.

If We Have Huge Implementations Across the Globe, What Kind of Support We Can Expect From You?

Yes, we would customise plans according to your need. We have various plans ranging from Basic, Premium, Premium+, and Corporate.  For more information please contact sales@pihappines.com.

What Devices Can I Use piHappiness Customer Happiness App?

You can use piHappiness across multiple devices that include Android, iOS devices and automated Kiosks.

What Languages Does piHappiness Customer Feedback Support?

piHappiness Customer Satisfaction Tool is multi-lingual and supports more than 90+ languages. The Customer has the option to answer the feedback in his desired language.

What Are The Technical Requirements For Using piHappiness?

piHappiness is very easy to setup and use. The software can be easily accessed by anyone even without prior technical knowledge.

Which Plans Supports Multiple Users?

piHappiness Premium, Premium+ and Corporate plans support Multiple users.

Can I Change the Plan During the Subscription Period?

Yes, you can change the subscription anytime you need. You have the option to upgrade your existing plan and choose the best plan that deems fit.

Is There Any Limit on the Number of Customer Satisfaction Surveys or Responses?

No, we do not limit the surveys or responses. The responses are unlimited and surveys will be as per the subscription plan. Please contact us for additional information at sales@pihappines.com.

Can I Cancel and Upgrade the Account?

Yes, you can cancel and upgrade the account anytime you need. For additional queries, please contact sales@pihappines.com

Can I Change The Feedback Questions and the Listed Reasons?

With customised and dynamic questionnaires, piHappiness allows you to change the feedback questions anytime as per your needs and requirements.

Is piHappiness Customer Satisfaction App Integrated With Any Analytics?

We have advanced inbuilt reporting, which you can view under real-time dashboards and helps to fulfill the goals of Customer Satisfaction Management.

What Kind of Companies Can Use piHappiness Customer Happiness App?

piHappiness is highly versatile and suitable for businesses of all sizes; be it small, medium and large.

Is My Data Safe and Secure On The piHappiness Platform?

Yes, Only authorised persons with correct login and password can access the account.

Where Does piHappiness Store The Customer Feedback Data?

piHappiness stores all the feedback data in the Cloud. You are free to access the data from anywhere. The data is backed up on a regular basis, so you need not worry about losing the data anytime.

When Will I be Charged for piHappiness Services?

If you wish to use piHappiness services after the completion of the free trial period, then you need to purchase a desirable plan from the available options.

If I Have Any Additional Questions, Do You Offer Customer Support?

piHappiness offers customer support 24/7 for a full 365 days. You can contact sales@pihappiness.com in case of any queries.
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