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Nowadays, customer satisfaction is a commodity for businesses. It does not just depend upon the services, but also the visual appeal, the new and fresh take on the services, and many other aspects, that help heighten the product experience for the customers. To achieve this pinnacle of customer satisfaction, it is important that you concentrate on every aspect and balance it out to create something that attracts a varied range of visitors. Just upgrading the physical space of your business is not enough. Knowing the quirks, needs, and what exactly makes the customers tick is the best way to assure that a successful customer satisfaction index is reached. This can be achieved by taking real-time feedback from them using a product experience feedback software like piHappiness

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The product experience does not just depend on the visual part of your venture’s aesthetic. It also depends on how it all feels. This is why people can also derive satisfaction from small businesses which offer what they need rather than big businesses that only offer an aesthetic appeal.

Key Features of piHappiness Product Experience Feedback Software

Here is a list of some of the tricks that you can keep in mind so you can offer your visitors the best product experience, sprinkled with a wholesome view of your unique personality:

01. Building Expectations

You will do well to build the expectations high from even before the customer sets foot in your establishment. But no amount of marketing strategies will help you if you are not ready to face them head-on, ladles and all.

02. Fluid Experience Design

You need to design an experience that starts from the moment the customer crosses the threshold, maybe someone that greets them, especially if they are returning customers or dignitaries. The moment you speak their name, the customer should feel welcomed and special, which is something that you can bank on later.

03. Getting Insights

These first impressions are evaluated by a good product experience feedback app, like the one by piHappiness, that can give you insights on the customer’s experience and tell you where you’re lagging.

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You should know that even as you tell them that you want them to feel right at home, what you wish to actually offer is something better, aka, that which your customers wish home would feel like. And you cannot do this if the physical space itself is a maze that the customer does not know how to venture into. With piHappiness product experience software, you can achieve the following things:

A Successful Design

A design that speaks to the customer unconsciously leads them on a specific trail that offers up the best view of the delightful treats you have to offer. Know that a complicated architecture might initially feel visually appealing but it might distract your customers from your actual product. The rest is just an experience that surrounds it.

Room for Experimentation

Remember, what you are offering is not just food, but an experience. What worked for you before or what is even working right now might be obsolete as soon as the next season or month. This is why experimentation is important.

  1. Introduce new ideas in your spatial design and service.
  2. Remember to do it in moderation and not go overboard with it.
  3. One good way to ensure that you do not end up shooting yourself in the foot while experimenting is taking constant live feedback from visitors with a product experience feedback software like piHapppiness.

piHappiness as a Platform to Measure & Enhance Product Experience

Receive Instant feedback
Within 30 seconds, piHappiness collects the core customer insights your business needs. The piHappiness customer feedback system is the fastest way to know your customer satisfaction. Dynamic questionnaires and reports are delivered to the management system. The feedback-collecting emoticons and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) keeps track of customer experience.

Responsive Product Experience Feedback Management
piHappiness improves retention and loyalty of the customers by responding to their feedback directly from the platform. The complaints and suggestions are taken care of by the management on receiving real-time notifications by emails. A feedback acknowledgment is reverted to the customers, making them feel cared for.

Allocate Department-Centric Performance
piHappiness customer survey app monitors every feedback in detail and marks them for review. It allows the authorities to pitch tasks for relevant staff to address customers’ concerns according to departments. This further enhances customer loyalty by an effective resolution of their negative feedback. Customer communication workflows are customizable as per requirement.

Scope of piHappiness Product Experience Feedback App

With piHappiness product experience feedback app, following these steps will keep you from spending too much of your resources on ideas that might not work out. Get in touch with our experts, and stay ahead of your competition with a beautiful fluid and experimental experience.

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