Creating a better user experience for government services

Using piHappiness’ experience management tool, municipalities can gain a better understanding of constituents’, influencers’, and employees’ opinions, hence improving their interactions with the government.

Enhance the audience's experience with government

In the past few years, as technology has evolved citizens have become more and more accustomed to access to technology and the ability to make decisions. As a result of this trend there is less of a disparity between what citizens expect from the government and what they receive.

piHappiness customer satisfaction platform offers an in-depth and instant visibility into customer interactions to facilitate actions for better customer experiences.

Improving the Experience for Civilians

Enhancing the service experience!

Sync Experiences

Serve more effectively with piHappiness feedback platform, understanding the public’s needs, and providing their perspective is the first step to knowing what the public wants. This can be achieved through piHappiness surveys as it enables your employees to get a deeper insight into public opinion with the help of metric and reasoning questionnaires.

Influence Results

Now that you understand the needs of your customers and what’s necessary, you have the opportunity to achieve significant improvements and build trust in the audience while demonstrating performance improvement, addressing issues, preventing risks, and ensuring the happiness of citizens.

Risk Management

Anticipate emerging or potential issues at their earliest stage by keeping a close eye on public opinion, trends, and concerns in real-time. Shorten the time it takes to deal with crises and Ensure the escalation of issues across departments and offices is immediate and leads to an early visibility of crises & appropriate response.

Manage roles

Employ a hierarchical structure in piHappiness to manage permissions and access. Ensure that user access and permissions are managed according to roles and responsibilities, eliminating the risk of unauthorized communications. Defend your organization against unauthorized communication activity

Promote Awareness

Make the most of piHappiness’s multi-channel strategy, listen to the audience, analyze their awareness of government resources and services, understand their satisfaction and thoughts about the government services, and know their sentiments and discussions.

Scope of piHappiness feedback platform in govt industry

piHappiness is a platform focused on security and citizen engagement. Government entities and Public sector organizations can benefit from piHappiness as it facilitates access to process and manages audience interactions with government services. piHappiness can elevate constituent satisfaction with more detailed and effective feedback management across many touchpoints and help safeguard citizen privacy.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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