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Customer experience with piHappiness customer experience app

An engaging customer experience platform that helps to track customer interactions and feedback with an easily navigable interface that enables users to view customer reviews, chat records, analytics and note solicited feedback.

Efficacious Dashboard

An easy-to-read graphic user interface allows quick reference to responses and feedback received at an organization or entity level, along with demographic impacts.

Data-driven reports

Ready-to-discuss reports offer a chance to visualize data, spot patterns in surveys, and learn more about respondents and present statistics that give an entirely new perspective on the data

Customizable Reports

Analyzing your survey results using customizable graphs and charts, is a great way to gain insight into customer behavior. You can customize the presentation of reports.

Know how to develop an effective customer experience strategy for your business, and gain expertise in customer experience management.

Identify detractors, Engage promoters with NPS Software

NPS software combines reason-based, open-text, and NPS question types. Measure scores with piHappiness’s exclusive NPS software that allows your team to discover what works for your promoters, reduce the detractor count as well as to uncover problems that need to be solved.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers’ satisfaction with a company is measured by their sentiments expressed in responses customer experience app. CSAT software in piHappiness combines CSAT questions in emoticons format, open-text, and reason-based formats.

piHappiness’ CSAT survey dashboards offers graphs and charts displaying the CSAT scores of geographic regions, products and services through comparison reports and maps.


Configuration fosters engagement

A tool that drives happiness engagement activities.
Performs various functions like survey redirections, survey authentication, reminders, frequency rules, notifications. And adds compiling data and monitors real-time feedback.

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Loop Management

Track & perform actions for
support tickets

An automated system for managing unforeseen challenges. Primarily designed for clients to get assistance from piHappiness customer experience app and to also automate certain actions based on respondent rating, such as assigning a survey to the appropriate team for action based on its priority.

Understanding the Root Cause

Customized Root Cause Analysis pinpoints specific factors that are contributing to a particular problem. Discover the reasons behind your detractors by considering relevant factors in your survey.

The first step in solving the problem begins with identifying and solving any negative feedback you receive in your customer experience platform.


A statistical data, which speeds up the process of answering your questions. You can develop demographics and understand how emotions are affected by groups of people based on their specific characteristics such as age, race, gender, occupation, etc.

Develop an effective strategy by identifying the target audience’s demographic diversity. Marketers can use statistics to develop strategies for targeting populations and specific groups to gain greater insights.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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