Passenger Satisfaction Survey & Feedback Software

Ensure passenger expectations are aligned during and after the journey. Our customer experience feedback application enables you to explore and act upon the data collected.

Enhance traveler experience

With piHappiness, passenger experiences can be collected in multiple ways. A smart feature that records customer feedback enhances customer satisfaction. Open-ended responses in piHappiness allow us to identify best areas for improvement. piHappiness offers a wide range of features for travelers to record their travel experiences.

Traveler satisfaction platform features

Easy Application Setup

Easy installation and configuration make the passenger feedback system convenient.

Multichannel Feedback

Our cloud applications can be accessed round-the-clock. Surveys can be conducted online, via mobile devices, automated kiosks, as well as on Android tablets and iPads.

Reports & Analytics

piHappiness provides a variety of analytical tools for generating reports and analyzing traveler experiences. Analytics represent and quantify customer experience with valuable insights.

Feedback Capability

A feedback system can gather insights into customer feedback while identifying the reasons for the feedback. It is possible to add and modify reasons and service categories according to the needs.

Measure and enhance passenger satisfaction with piHappiness

“The piHappiness feedback system collects the key insights into a customer's travel needs and delivers immediate feedback. Management systems receive dynamic questionnaires and reports. Customer experience is recorded by emoticons and Net Promoter Scores.”

Responsive Platform

The complaints and suggestions are taken care of by the management on receiving real-time notifications by emails. A feedback acknowledgment is reverted to passengers making them feel cared for. As a result of responding directly to passengers’ feedback, piHappiness improves retention and loyalty.

Instant Feedback

piHappiness survey platform monitors every feedback in detail and marks them for review. The authorities can assign tasks to relevant staff to address customer concerns based on the department. Taking care of the negative feedback effectively will enhance passenger loyalty.

Enhancing passenger happiness with piHappiness


Customer Experience Metric System

piHappiness uses a metric system to measure travel experience with an emoticon-based feedback system. Reports generated by the system can provide a detailed picture of the customer experience. Furthermore, it contains information such as the passenger type, age, and gender, which helps tailor services to the individual passenger.

Displays Net Promoter Score®

The piHappiness dashboard shows Net Promoter Score® (NPS), which indicates how satisfied customers are with a transport facility. As an important addition, NPS allows new services to be readily added, leading to a better passenger experience.

Customer Centric Feedbacks

piHappiness creates a culture of customer centricity by making feedback available to your teams. By linking the survey to the CRM, it contextualizes passenger data. In this way, survey data is brought together, which helps management systems make better decisions. Systematic surveys are sent to passengers automatically.

Scope of  Passenger Feedback System

With a passenger-centric approach, piHappiness creates memorable journey experiences for customers. Making the trip less stressful is easier when the staff knows what they can do. In addition to being able to rate the cleanliness of facilities, guests can rate front-line staff, immigration officers, and other services. As a result, service standards have been refined for a better passenger experience.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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