Enhance your products, services, and customer experience with NPS

Improve customer loyalty at all points of contact by increasing Net Promoter Scores. A trusted platform to manage your customer experience strategy

Engaging your customers is hassle-free, convenient, and effective with NPS software.

NPS Survey Platform offers custom solutions designed to help you gain deep insights into customer sentiment, to drive loyalty, to drive growth, and to proactively identify dissatisfied and vulnerable customers. NPS can also be used as a customer profiling score to improve customer experiences.


Encourage promoters to give you feedback and attract new customers. 


Understand and ensure all critical and essential interactions with customers are covered.


Take action and gauge your progress by listening to your customers.


Monitor NPS, analyze responses. Discover and identify the factors that influence loyalty.

Platform that complies with your daily working activities


Configure your NPS platform

Create your Net Promoter Score survey email by adding the subject line and body to the editor and seeing a live preview instantly. Separately communicate follow-up queries for participants, supporters, promoters, and adversaries. The NPS survey can be styled and branded with your logo, name, and specifics of your business.

Manage the response cycle

An easy-to-use interface where you can respond to all inquiries. Allocate responses as tickets to the appropriate team or admin in your organization. Monitor its status and resolve it from the start of the assignment to the completion of the investigation.

Automatization of Workflows & Alerts

Adapt notification settings to suit your needs. Alert a member of your customer support team upon receiving a review with less than a 4 on our NPS platform. Proactively follow up with customers based on their score. Ensure each customer is a priority and create a workflow accordingly.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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