Peek into the results with instantaneous polling system!

The convenience of online polls lets you gather customer feedback at the moment, take advantage of these online poll surveys, and assess the public’s view on new products or service offerings.

01. Prepare a draft

You can build your poll with a single or multi-choice question, provide multiple votes or multiple answers within your poll.

02.Generate link

Once you have composed and designed your poll using our free templates, you will need to generate the link to publish it. Your blogs or website can also be embedded with polls.

03.Perform an analysis

Get a real-time update and stay informed about emerging trends through the real-time reports. Engage your audience more effectively.

piHappiness as a pollster

Using online polls is an excellent way to get instant feedback from your audience and find out what specific individuals in a certain demographic think and feel about any particular situation.

Involving the audience

Streamline the experience by adding an interactive component to the experience by using online polls on your website or on social media as a means of keeping your visitors interested and involved.

Economic Studies

Conducted a market research study to evaluate new service offerings and obtain valuable inputs from customers about new solutions.

Research into Politics

Perform political research for political campaigns and strategies by conducting various types of opinion polls.

Plan and evaluate the event

Give attendees a chance to voice their opinions about events, speaker topics, presentations, catering, and more. Assess preferences & possibilities to get feedback for potential venues or themes for events.

Student Feedback

During instruction and lectures, elicit quick answers from students. Review the performance of your instructor or a particular course.

Engaging volunteers

Engage volunteers in polls and raise awareness, to capture event registrations, and to document the experience of volunteers.


Our intelligent and cost-effective poll system can be used by government agencies and offices to gauge citizen feedback on proposed regulations.

A poll's importance

Polls are studies conducted objectively. The purpose of surveys is to measure public opinion regarding a proposed product or service objectively and scientifically, aiming to obtain an informed perspective on public opinion.

An array of statistical techniques are being developed to assist in the implementation of voting polls on social media sites and blogging sites. The trend towards online polling has been observed since the introduction of digital technology, and most of them are conducted online.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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