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Discover viewpoints and new perspectives with Sentiment Analysis. Emotions share a significant contribution to economic performance, sentiment analysis will help to learn more about how to improve business.

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Can emotions be quantified? With piHappiness’ sentiment analysis and proprietary Natural Language Processing software, you can calculate numeric scores on a scale from highly favorable to highly adverse.


Our system detects the nuances of negative sentiment which is a tricky task for humans and identifies passive responses to resolve loops

Sentiment Filter

Reports can be filtered according to sentiment to reach a more informed conclusion.

Sentiments and Polarities

Obtain more reliable results by evaluating the sentiments of your respondents, as well as their positive, negative, and neutral factors.

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

With piHappiness, you can analyze and read sentiments in a variety of languages and help your team communicate more effectively with customers and foster better engagement.

Study text sentiment

A text analysis can be used empathically to measure emotional level and glean more accurate insights into respondents’ thoughts.

NLP for Sentiment Analysis

With piHappiness, you no longer have to interpret survey responses based on the few words in the response. As Natural Language Processing technology determines the sentiment of each response.

The basics of Sentimental Analysis

A sentiment analysis is often carried out on textual data to understand what customers are feeling about brands and products, and to monitor customer comments. With the aid of naturally occurring language processing methods, it is possible to determine whether any given data is positive, negative, or neutral.

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