Restaurants and cafes feedback management system

The menu review and feedback platform of piHappiness allows customers to review and comment on thousands of restaurants, cafeterias, and fine food courts at multiple locations. It helps to measure customer satisfaction more precisely by allowing walk-in customers to give input.

The Ultimate Restaurant Feedback App

Your go-to platform for gaining valuable insight into the dining experience of guests. Using it at multiple feedback points in the restaurant to capture feedback in real-time can help improve dining experiences for customers.

Quick Installation & Setup

Simple to install and use. Installs quickly and does not require prior technical knowledge.

Easy-to-use interface

Fast, effective and powerful restaurant survey app made simple with cutting-edge technology.

Multichannel Feedback for Restaurants

Digital restaurant feedback is collected with the help of Android tablets, iPads, automated kiosks, and web surveys.


Set up feedback points at multiple locations. Easily compare collected feedback data across locations.


The piHappiness platform supports over 90 languages, which allows customers to give feedback in their preferred language.

As a Marketing Tool

piHappiness Restaurant Feedback System also allows running promotional videos, marketing campaigns on Kiosks.

How does piHappiness capture Restaurant's Customer Feedback

piHappiness employs a single metric or a combination of metrics to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Analyze reports for actionable customer insights and resolve issues efficiently.

Custom Demographics and CSAT

piHappiness restaurant feedback software uses fully customized Customer Demographics and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) by using emoticons and Service Categories / Reasons to collect the customer feedback.

Custom Questionnaire

Allows you to customize questions based on the quality, reach, venue, timings, and other various parameters. It is fully flexible to add and drop questions at single or all locations.


Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) forms a core metric of piHappiness student feedback. NPS® offers a sneak peek of brand promotion.

One-Click Feedback Surveys

For restaurant feedback, place the Android and iOS devices at the dining tables or at cash counters and know the satisfaction level of each responder with a single click.

Restaurant industry users of piHappiness


Fine Dining Restaurants

Discover what customers have to say about the restaurant's menu, service, atmosphere, décor, and more.

Quick Service Restaurants

Know the feedback on food quality, items in the menu, staff efficiency and so on.

Catering Services

Examine how customers perceive preparation and presentation of food, variety in the menu, hygiene standards, and catering efficiency.


Measure the quality and taste of food, the level of service, and the level of hygiene of customers.

Take Away Joints

Design intuitive web surveys and send links via email and SMS to learn about quality of food, freshness retention, and packaging quality.

Delivery Restaurants

Learn more about the fulfillment experience, quality and quantity of food, behavior of the agents, and more.

The Scope of Restaurant Feedback System

Manage Reputation of the Brand

Pay close attention to customer complaints and resolve them before the customer leaves the premises. With real-time alerts and notifications, manage customer complaints effectively and maintain the reputation of the brand.

Dining and Service Experience

Hand over the tablets to customers and capture feedback relating to the food quality, hygiene, service and more.

Food Event Feedback

Food events attract huge customer base; capture customer feedback relating to food quality, event organization, staff behavior, items in the menu and so on.

Cafeteria Feedback at Office/Schools/Colleges/Universities

Place automated feedback kiosks at cafeterias present in schools, colleges and offices. Include questions in the survey relating to the food menu, taste, quality and hygiene.

Change in Menu feedback

Restaurants often change the food menu to attract new customers. Capture feedback related to the changed menu and take necessary action.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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