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Build lasting relationships with your customers along their journey, create experiences that keep customers wanting more by capturing and analyzing feedback, predicting behavior, and customer needs.

Organize multiple entities of your company

Create an organizational tree map that displays the details of the organization structure, with roles, users, and contacts, where admins can create, handle, and host Employee Trusts. Organize a survey using corporate experience software to predict customer satisfaction for an individual entity or multiple divisions.

Closing the loops

Utilize role-specific workflows, push notifications, and automated escalation to convert detractors into proponents by ensuring that the right team is notified immediately to address customer feedback, and ensure that any issue is handled efficiently.

An immediate and personal response to customers, followed by final closure of the loop shows that you appreciate their feedback, and are focused on their satisfaction.

Customer journey as a whole

A holistic view of each customer's journey, across all locations, channels, and interactions, will enable us to create a more unique customer experience.

Improve customer engagement, anticipate behavior patterns and identify enhancement opportunities by using the best corporate experience system.

Analyze behavior of similar customers by segmenting them flexibly.

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Survey analytics and live reporting

Develop interactive dashboards and take advantage of analytics to gain greater insight into customer experience.

Maintain a synchronized system to distribute feedback, insights, and alerts according to user roles and company needs.

Identification of skipped questions can be achieved by analyzing dropout data.

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