Students and Parents Feedback System for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Institutes

piHappiness student feedback app offers a platform for capturing student feedback in schools, colleges, coaching centers, academies, universities and other educational institutes. Capture the proficiency of teachers, lecturers and professors to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and thereby the quality of education. Locate the root cause of student’s confusion, initiate prompt action to improve student satisfaction by analyzing real-time dashboards. Further, maximize student engagement using inbuilt analytics and reports.

piHappiness - A Robust Student Feedback System

Multichannel Digital Patient Feedback

Multi-Channel Feedback

Dynamically collect student feedback using Android & iOS devices, automated kiosks and online web surveys.


Multilingual Support

piHappiness feedback software supports more than 90+ languages and facilitates the customers to give feedback in their desired language.



Setup feedback systems at schools, colleges and universities at one or more locations and easily compare student, parent and new to Institute feedback.


One-Click Surveys

Collect student feedback using Android and iOS devices and know the pulse of each responder with a single click surveys. Schools can use this feature during the parent-teacher meetings, sports, science and extra curricular events.


Real-time Feedback

piHappiness student feedback tool captures the opinion of responder in real-time. Lend value to the responder’s opinion and enhance satisfaction over time.


Run Key Campaigns

Classroom feedback system also allows running informational videos and key campaigns on Kiosks for effective communication.

Capture and Enhance The Learning Journey

piHappiness helps transform the academic experience through intuitive student feedback surveys.

The captured feedback data helps faculty members and administrators to make the right decisions within less time and improve student satisfaction.

Mobile Friendly Apps

How does piHappiness Capture Student Feedback

piHappiness employs a single metric or a combination of metrics to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Analyze reports for actionable customer insights and resolve issues efficiently.

01. Custom Demographics and CSAT

piHappiness student feedback software uses fully customized Student Demographics and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) by using emoticons and Service Categories / Reasons to collect the student feedback.

02. Custom Questionnaire

Allows you to customize questions based on the Student category, Location, term and other various parameters. It is fully flexible to add and drop questions at single or all locations.

03. NPS®

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) forms a core metric of piHappiness student feedback. NPS® offers a sneak peek of brand promotion.

04. One-Click Feedback Surveys

For feedback survey’s, handover the Android and iOS devices to your students, parents or new to institute and know the pulse of each responder with a single click.

In-Depth Analytics and Reports


Multiple Reports

piHappiness student survey app generates multiple feedback reports for accurate analysis. Let’s you know various aspects of school/college/universities such as food, ambience, guest dining experience and service.


Data Interpretation

Displays data in graphical and numerical form and allows for easy understanding of students' perspective. Interprets students' feedback regarding the school, curriculum, teachers, modules and facilities.

Customized Dashboards

In-depth Analytics

Inbuilt analytics critically analyze students' feedback and provides various fusion charts to understand the patterns.


Compare Across Locations

Easily compare student’s feedback at multiple locations using location comparative reports. Analyze data, get insights and make informed decisions.



With real-time analytics, quickly identify trouble spots and provide effective and efficient interventions at the point of need.

summary digests

Regular Summary Digests

Schedule to receive daily, weekly and monthly feedback reports delivered right into your inbox. Stay updated with student satisfaction all the time.

Who Uses the piHappiness Student Feedback System


Collect digital feedback from students in the classrooms about their opinion on facilities, quality of education, ambience, proficiency of teachers and more.


piHappiness student satisfaction surveys captures feedback relating to the quality of lectures, efficiency of lecturers, food quality and availability in the cafeteria, library facility, technical resource, and more.


piHappiness student feedback offers insights regarding the quality of lectures, technology facilities, lab infrastructure, the pace of the class teaching and more.

Education Centers

Capture feedback relating to the courses offered, class timings, proficiency of teachers, and student communication.


Gathers student feedback that explores the ability and willingness of the academies to help the students, curriculum followed, mentoring abilities, materials and assignments and more.

Coaching Institutes

Capture student feedback after every class pertaining to faculty, study material, teaching tools and accessibility of the center.

Check Out Additional Features Of piHappiness Student Satisfaction Survey

  • Measure Student Satisfaction
    Student feedback gives a measure of student satisfaction. Effectively identify problem areas and resolve issues efficiently for proper functioning. Capture anonymous student feedbacks by deploying automated kiosks at various feedback points in the premises.
  • Evaluate Teacher and Professor Performance
    Capture student feedback to evaluate the proficiency of teachers and professors, quality of lectures, pace of teaching, resolving student queries and more.
  • Explore Reasons
    Analyze student’s feedback and explore the exact reasons behind students’ responses. Student feedback also helps management improve amenities and infrastructure in the schools/colleges/universities.
  • Resolve Complaints Instantly
    Respond to complaints, suggestions offered by the students in real-time; makes for effective complaints management. Address issues right away, thereby building a sense of trust and satisfaction among students.
  • Amplify Student’s Delight
    Initiate necessary action to improve students delight; Addressing the feedback issues goes a long way in minimizing student confusion and enhancing engagement.
  • Cafeteria Feedback
    Set up automated kiosks at various points in the cafeteria; student feedback gives valuable inputs relating to freshness and quality of food, ambience, service, and staff behavior.
  • Budget-Friendly Plans
    Flexible, affordable plans that fit varied businesses demands.
  • Feedback for 365 Days
    piHappiness student feedback app lets you capture feedback 24X7 for a whole year. Ensure student satisfaction round the clock for optimal performance of the schools/colleges all the time.
  • 24X7 Customer Support
    Round the clock dedicated customer service ensures quality services all the time.
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