Patient Feedback Software for Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Organizations


Collects patient feedback from various locations distributed across all your healthcare centres using various systems that include Android tablets, iPads, Kiosks and Web surveys. piHappiness patient feedback system measures patient satisfaction using emoticons, open text, feedback reasons/categories, dynamic and simplified questionnaire, and feedback surveys. With piHappiness, receive more patient response rates. piHappiness patient feedback helps physicians to identify gaps in healthcare, enhance the quality of care, improve patient engagement and overall satisfaction.

piHappiness – All Inclusive Patient Feedback System


Multichannel Digital Patient Feedback

piHappiness captures digital patient feedback by using Android tablets, iPads, Automated kiosks, and Web surveys.


Multilingual Support

piHappiness patient feedback app supports multiple languages and thereby enables patients to give feedback in their desired language.



Gather feedback from patients across various hospitals/clinics and also from their associate branches present in multiple locations.

4.Design Custom Surveys

Design Custom Surveys

Design intuitive Patient satisfaction surveys and share web survey links to the patients via e-mail or SMS. Patients can complete the survey using Tablet, PC, and Smartphone during their convenient time.

Know Your Patient's Satisfaction and Happiness Levels

piHappiness patient feedback system helps capture the patient complaints surrounding the quality of care and services. In-depth analysis of patient feedback allows you to have a better understanding of patient needs and come up with the most effective solutions.

Mobile Friendly Apps

piHappiness Patient Satisfaction Surveys Measure Patient Satisfaction

piHappiness employs a single metric or a combination of metrics to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Analyze reports for actionable customer insights and resolve issues efficiently.

01. Analytical Reports

Create dynamic surveys for each ward, service point at hospital, clinics, and analyze the reports over a given time period. In-depth analytical reports of piHappiness will help Customer Happiness Department of Hospital to create a better customer experience.

02. Group Dashboards

piHappiness patient experience software provides a dashboard to customers ranging from group to individual feedback point level. Built-in analytics suggest the focus areas to increase the brand/business promoters.

03. Receive Regular Summary Digests

Get comprehensive feedback reports delivered to your inbox. Schedule to receive daily, weekly, monthly updates and keep track of patient feedback all the time.

04. Advanced Analytics

Advanced built-in analytics will provide suggestions on few areas that needs attention. Trend analysis of customer happiness will let you keep track of the progress.

05. Analyze and Troubleshoot

Analyze data, get insights and make informed decisions based on the feedback gathered from various feedback points.

06. Patient's Feedback on Hospital Staff

A comprehensive feedback data lets you analyze the services of the doctors, nurses and support staff offered to the patients. Helps management in taking timely decisions for enhanced hospital functioning.

Who Uses piHappiness Patient Feedback Software


Hospitals/Healthcare Organizations

Capture patient and visitor feedback by deploying feedback devices at various areas of the hospital that include wards, waiting rooms, reception, and other key areas.


Healthcare Persons/Clinics

Patient feedback offers valuable insights about the quality of service offered by the caregivers, facilities at the clinic, waiting time, and staff hospitality.



Deploy automated kiosks at pharmacies to capture feedback related to the availability of medicines, discounts on medical products, staff responsiveness and more.


Diagnostic Labs

Captures patient feedback on technician’s services like maintenance of hygienic conditions, waiting time, knowledge, communication, timely delivery of medical reports, etc.

Explore more with piHappiness

  • Identify the Gaps in Healthcare Services
    Patient feedback is the best way to identify gaps in the health care industry, affecting the patient’s opinion on the services offered at the visited centre.
  • Efficient Feedback Management
    piHappiness patient feedback forms will collect complaints and suggestions from patients and visitors on the overall experience.
  • Lend Better Services
    piHappiness patient experience management lets you keep track of the patient feedback in real-time and assist them for better patient experience.
  • Deliver Better Healthcare
    Patient’s perception related to the the quality of care assists hospitals to offer better healthcare services.
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