Experience an improved level of patient care with patient-focused survey

Identify opportunities to improve care quality, coordinate caregivers, and the needs of the patients. By collecting feedback, care gaps can be managed, quality of care can be improved and patient engagement can be increased.

Patient satisfaction measurement system piHappiness

The piHappiness patient feedback system offers an efficient way to capture patient complaints about quality care and provide in-depth analysis of patient feedback allows to have a better understanding of patient needs and come up with the most effective solutions

Multichannel Feedback

piHappiness captures patient feedback digitally through Android tablets, iPads, Kiosks, and Web surveys.

Multilingual Support

piHappiness offers the ability to collect patient feedback in multiple languages, enabling patients to communicate in their preferred language.


Get feedback from patients across different hospitals and clinics, as well as affiliated branches located at different locations without physically travelling to each site.

Design Custom Surveys

Provide patients with direct links to Patient satisfaction surveys via email or SMS so they can complete the surveys at their convenience.

piHappiness in the healthcare sector



Patient and visitor feedback can be collected by installing feedback devices in various areas of the hospital, such as the wards, waiting rooms, reception, and other key areas.

Healthcare Personnel/Clinics

Patient feedback reveals crucial information about the quality of service provided by the health professionals, the facilities at the clinic, the waiting time, and the kindness of the staff.


Automate pharmacy kiosks to elicit feedback on the availability of medicines, discounts of medical products, and staff responsiveness.

Diagnostic Labs

Obtains feedback from patients on technician's services such as cleanliness, waiting time, expertise, communication, and timeliness of medical reports.

piHappiness has much more to offer.

Identify healthcare service gaps

The best way to identify inadequacies in the healthcare system is to get feedback from patients and gauge how they feel about the services provided at the visited center.

Managing feedback effectively

The piHappiness patient feedback form, designed specifically for patients, will let patients and visitors voice their complaints and suggestions regarding their experiences.

Deliver Better Services

The Hospital can improve its services by collecting patient perception regarding quality-of-care.

Deliver Better Healthcare

Patient’s perception related to the quality-of-care assists hospitals to offer better healthcare services.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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