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The piHappiness solutions work to increase customer satisfaction by collecting customer insights and delivering them to the business owners, helping to maximize retail productivity by automating the feedback process and ensuring consistency in retail productivity

A new approach to digitizing customer feedback

The paper feedback form has become extinct! With piHappiness retail feedback system, you can now capture customer feedback in real time. The most innovative way of attracting customer attention is to digitize their feedback.

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Real-time Reports &
Advanced Analytics for Retail feedback

Shopper Insights

Automated kiosks, mobile apps, and web surveys are a powerful way to capture retail feedback in real-time.

A Multilingual interface

Over 90+ languages are supported by piHappiness feedback software, allowing customers to provide feedback in a language of their choice.

Multi-location setup

Integrate piHappiness feedback software and easily compare customer happiness and satisfaction levels across retail chains with the feedback received.


In order to capture instore inmoment experience, piHappiness uses multiple channels, which helps to understand shopper trends so as to improve shopping experiences.

Core Customer Insights

Discover more about customer insights such as purchasing habits, thoughts, market trends, and opinions using the piHappiness retail survey app.

Applied to Marketing

piHappiness Retail users can also create promotional videos and marketing campaigns using the our distribution management.

Feedback Capture Strategy for Retail

piHappiness employs a metrics-based model to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as analyze reports for actionable insights on customers, resolving issues efficiently.

Custom Demographics and CSAT

The piHappiness retail feedback software uses fully customized demographics for collecting customer feedback, along with Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSATs) based on service categories / reasons.

Customized Questionnaire

Provides flexibility to customize questions based on Customer category, location, period, and various other parameters, and you can add or drop questions at single or all locations.


piHappiness Retail Net Promoter Score (NPS) enables brand and product promotion. It is a key metric that gives a brief glimpse into how NPS® increases the likelihood of people buying your products or services.

One-Click Feedback Surveys

For retail feedback survey’s, handover the Android and iOS devices to your shoppers and know the pulse of each shopper with a single click.

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