Retail Store Feedback System for Showrooms, Malls, Supermarkets & Shops

piHappiness retail customer feedback app automates feedback process for consistent results by collecting shopper insights and delivers to the business owner. Capture feedback from the walk-in customers and have an accurate measure of customer satisfaction. With piHappiness, it is quite easy to capture instant store feedback at Retail stores, Shops, Outlets, Supermarkets and Malls at multiple locations.

Multichannel Digital Patient Feedback

Multi-Channel Feedback

Dynamically collect retail feedback using Android and iOS devices, automated kiosks and online web surveys.


Multilingual Support

piHappiness feedback software supports more than 90+ languages and facilitates the customers to give feedback in their desired language



Setup feedback systems at retail chain outlets located in multiple locations and easily compare customer happiness and satisfactions levels.


Shopper Insights

piHappiness retail feedback captures shopper’s experiences through multiple channels, understand shopper trends and thereby improves shoppers experience.


Real-time / Off-Line

piHappiness retail feedback tool captures the opinion of customer in real-time and also works on offline.

Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Receive feedback instantly when the customer submits the feedback and also acknowledges the customer.

As a Marketing Tool

As a Marketing Tool

piHappiness Retail feedback system also allows running promotional videos and marketing campaigns on Kiosks.

Core customer Insights

Core Customer Insights

Allows user to configure conditional questions based on customer category or type, users can define new demographics to capture more customer insights like buying patterns, thoughts, market trends and opinions using our retail survey app.

Make Way for New Digitized Customer Feedback

Paper feedback forms are a thing of the past! Now capture real-time customer feedback with piHappiness retail feedback system. Digitized customer feedback is a novel way of capturing customer’s attention.

Mobile Friendly Apps

How does piHappiness Capture Retail Customer Feedback

piHappiness employs a single metric or a combination of metrics to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Analyze reports for actionable customer insights and resolve issues efficiently.

01. Custom Demographics and CSAT

piHappiness retail feedback software uses fully customized Customer Demographics and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) by using emoticons and Service Categories / Reasons to collect the customer feedbacks.

02. Custom Questionnaire

Allows you to customize questions based on the Customer category, location, period and various other parameters. It is fully flexible to add and drop questions at single or all locations.

03. NPS®

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) forms a core metric of piHappiness Retail customer feedback. NPS® offers a sneak peek of brand/products promotion.

04. One-Click Feedback Surveys

For retail feedback survey’s, handover the Android and iOS devices to your shoppers and know the pulse of each shopper with a single click.

Real-time Reports and Advanced Analytics for Retail feedback

Dash Board

Group Dashboard

Group owners can see customer happiness and happiness trends from Group level to Feedback point level. System suggestions on overall customer response trends.


Reports in Multiple Facets

piHappiness retail feedback system generates multiple feedback reports for accurate analysis. Our retail survey app displays data in graphical and numerical form and allows for easy understanding of customer’s experience.

file (3)

Download Reports

piHappiness lets you download the reports based on various filters like Region, Country, Company and even at Feedback Point level.

summary digests

Receive Regular Summary Digests

Get comprehensive feedback reports delivered to your inbox. Schedule to receive daily, weekly, monthly updates and keep track of retail customer feedback all the time.


Compare Across Locations

With location comparative reports, easily compare customer feedback at retail stores/supermarkets/malls present in various locations. Analyze data, get insights and make informed decisions.

Customized Dashboards

Robust Analytics

Inbuilt analytics critically analyze customer feedback giving you a clear picture of customer experience and satisfaction. All the requisite data is presented at finer details helping you gain valuable insights and thereby the predictable outcomes.


Who Uses piHappiness Retail Feedback System

Retail Stores, Showrooms & Factory Outlets

Deploy automated kiosks at various strategic points in the retail stores, showrooms and factory outlets. Capture shoppers feedback right from inquiries, purchase to post sales support.

Markets & Shopping Malls/Centers

Allow shoppers to rate markets and shopping malls on multiple factors such as product inventory, price transparency, cleanliness, parking space, and product return policy.

Supermarkets & Departmental Stores

Allow customers to rate supermarkets and departmental stores on multiple parameters including quality and freshness of groceries and food, staff knowledge and politeness, checkout speed/efficiency and so on. Leverage this data for optimal performance of the business.

piHappiness Retail Feedback System - Additional Benefits

  • Measure Shoppers’ Satisfaction
    Key metrics such as NPS®, Emoticons, Rating score offer insights related to customers and shoppers experience.
  • Product Inventory and Pricing
    Include questions in the retail survey regarding product inventory and pricing. Make changes accordingly to gain a competitive edge.
  • Boosts Customer Engagement
    Analyze customer feedback from retail feedback survey and adopt ways to build personalized customer experiences. Develop targeted promotional offers and boost customer engagement.
  • Effective Complaints Management
    Receive real-time feedback alerts and act swiftly with team collaboration. Track, prioritize and solve customer complaints accordingly.
  • Data Capture for Marketing
    Captures customer data including name, contact number and email addresses and use it for sending newsletters and promotional updates.
  • Track Staff Performances
    Rate staff behavior based on helpfulness, responsiveness, politeness towards customers. Include questions in the survey to evaluate the behavior of store in-charges, salesperson, and store managers.
  • Monitor Ratings
    Allow your shoppers to rate sales assistants, store managers, billing staff by including questions about them in the retail feedback survey.
  • Build Loyalty
    Turn your visitors to loyal customers by addressing the issues in real-time and create a sense of trust and satisfaction.
  • Effective Communication
    Constantly update the customers with the latest promotions and sales offers, leading to customer retention and a rise in recurring visits to the store.
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