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Hotels nowadays face the daunting task of taking care of every aspect of the services they provide and keeping track of all the customers in their establishments. Hotel guest experience holds a very high standard for hotels, as it can drastically influence the image of the hotels. Today, hotels strive to offer customers moments they can capture and fawn over in the Instagram feed. As every second consumer turns out to be a social media influencer, ensuring that they get the best of the best when it comes to experience has become exceedingly important. piHappiness helps hotels in improving their guest experience through its hotel guest experience management software, which tracks the needs of the guests and helps elevate the standard of the hotels.

Take Control of Your Guest Experience Before, During & After their Stay


The hotel industry has gotten more competitive of late, and with it, customer expectations and demands have evolved too. A clean and comfortable room is not enough to satisfy the customer nowadays, so one needs to think beyond the physical attributes of the room and offer up a tailor-made package of hospitality to every visitor. Here are a few ways you can improve your guest experience with the help of piHappiness hotel guest experience management app.

Target the Customers

For new customers, it is imperative to track their preferences beforehand so you can offer them a customized experience during their stay. But if it is a returning customer, somehow the expectations are higher because they are not only looking for the experiences they encountered the last time they visited, but what they might have missed out. Having something new to offer to the returning customers always helps in their retention, which can be made easier to track with the help of piHappiness’ guest management app.

Go Above & Beyond With Designing

When designing a customer experience, it is important to think beyond the physical space. What you are offering is not just a clean room with four walls and a comfortable bed. With the help of valuable guest feedback, piHappiness helps your hotels evaluate what particular services catch the eyes of the guests and what new services can be introduced in your establishments to improve hotel guest experience.

Recognizing Opportunities in Complaints

Not every feedback you receive by the guests will be good. A lot of it will be complaints about services and experiences. Some of them will mean the failure of a few of your ideas and experiments. But as long as one recognizes these complaints as opportunities instead of failures, your brand can actually grow from it. With comprehensive feedback reports provided by piHappiness, you can rest assured that the negative feedbacks will be highlighted and engaging new strategies can be developed by your management with the help of the guest feedback.

Hospitality Guest Experience Creates Moments

It is not just about making birthday parties, weddings, and honeymoons special, it’s about taking a seemingly mundane day and turning it into an adventure and an experience that the customer cherished. Improvingcustomer experience at hotels is all about helping them create moments that they will make their way into their Instagram feeds so the customer will always look forward to returning.

01. Offer Something New Periodically

Repetition is not enough. What one needs to do is offer the customer more every time they return. One needs to understand how the customer expectation continues to build each time you offer them a plethora of experiences that amuse and astound them.

02. Making Expectations a Reality

With the help of the Hotel Guest Experience Management app by piHappiness, you will not only be able to identify the exact moments that the customer loved about the experience but also elevate them to add an extra vigor for your guests.

03. Make Plans for Restructuring

If you are planning on redesigning or upgrading the physical space, base your plans on the feedback of the customers that you have collected through piHappiness. The perfect design will let the customer know exactly where to go, with each step taking them on a trail that offers up treats, visual and otherwise.

How Does it Gather Your Guest Feedback?

piHappiness implements a metric system to measure customer experience at hotels. The app uses a fully customized system using emoticons to collect guest feedback. The reports include comprehensive information about customer experience. It contains demographics regarding age group, type, and gender which caters businesses in providing focused visitor services.

It displays Net Promoter Score® (NPS) that indicates customers’ satisfaction and their willingness to promote your facilities. NPS is an important addition as it helps accelerate newly added services for a healthy experience and boost brand promotion

piHappiness creates a culture of visitor centricity by making feedback available to your teams. It contextualizes visitor data by connecting the survey to your CRM, and collaborates with the survey data which empowers the management systems to make better decisions. The existing business systems trigger a survey to the customers, automating their feedback.

Scope of Hotel Guest Experience Software


Contact our experts and introduce hotel guest experience in your venture. piHappiness Hotel Guest Experience Management Software will help you collect data using which you can pinpoint the exact moments the customer’s satisfaction was at an all-time high and build on the same. Improve your services, and expand your reach logically with this data, and you’ll have a smooth-running

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