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Our hotel guests experience management software helps hotels improve their guest experience by tracking the needs of the guest and encouraging them to increase the hospitality standards with more personalized services.

Maintain Control of the Guests' Experience

Since the hotel industry has grown competitive in recent years, customer expectations have also evolved. The needs of each guest must be met by modern hotels, which offer a unique package of hospitality. piHappiness is a cloud-based customer experience management solution that can improve hotel guest experiences.

Client-centered approach

It’s crucial to keep track of the preferences of your guests before their stay so that you can customize it for them. The expectations of a returning client, however, are higher, as they seek new experiences. You can track what new services you offer returning customers easily with piHappiness, the guest management app.

Exceeds Expectations

Making a design for customer experience should look beyond the physical space. You go beyond providing clean rooms and comfortable beds in your facilities. piHappiness can help hotels learn which services guests prefer and what additional services can be provided in order to enhance the guest experience.

Complaints Offer Opportunities

There may be a tendency for guests to complain about services and experiences, and some of your experiments and ideas may not succeed. As long as you turn these complaints into opportunities, not failures, you can grow your brand. By exposing negative reviews, piHappiness allows your management to develop engaging strategies based on the guest feedback.

Hospitality Guest Experience

Creating a memorable experience isn’t just about making birthday parties, weddings, or other special events; it is about making an ordinary day exciting and memorable. The key to improving customer experience in hotels is to help create moments that customers will post on their social media to look forward to returning.

Offer Something New Periodically

Repetition is not enough. What one needs to do is offer the customer more every time they return. One needs to understand how the customer expectation continues to build each time you offer them a plethora of experiences that amuse and astound them.

Making Expectations a Reality With the help of the Hotel

With the help of the Hotel Guest Experience Management app by piHappiness, you will not only be able to identify the exact moments that the customer loved about the experience but also elevate them to add an extra vigor for your guests.

Make Plans for Restructuring

If you are planning on redesigning or upgrading the physical space, base your plans on the feedback of the customers that you have collected through piHappiness. The perfect design will let the customer know exactly where to go, with each step taking them on a trail that offers up treats, visual and otherwise.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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