An intuitive, flexible & adaptable platform for managing customer experiences

The ideal partner for customer retention and loyalty that delivers on its promise of high-performance data collection to collect customer insights with a range of versatile features.

Manage operations and permissions

Managing your customer experience software accounts involves controlling and assigning functional tasks, subordinate entities, levels of hierarchy and roles to multiple users


The employee hierarchy can delegate responsibility for the account to multiple administrators with access to the account data.

Contacts Uploading

Use a contact list to directly upload contacts to your system. Provide role-based access to contacts by defining such Roles.

Hierarchy Levels

Define separate organizational hierarchy levels across brands, entities or the industry for better control across different roles.

Organization Entities

Add various organization entities such as branches and subsidies to your account to manage multiple operations at a single place.

Distributing & Collecting Feedback

Never miss a feedback or survey opportunity we have six ways to get the job done.

SMS surveys enable you to get the feedback you need using mobile devices and survey links and to reach your target audience quickly and easily.

Reach out to your customers with an email survey link for a seamless feedback experience.

Don’t miss out on gathering store customer feedback; use a kiosk survey system to capture rating and reviews from customers within seconds.

QR code Surveys with unpredictable audiences can be simplified by using QR Code feedback forms

Improve your website's user experience and help visitors make informed decisions about your website through visitor feedback.

Capture responses online or offline with our classic tablet survey and enhance your customers' experience with paperless surveys.

Designing personalized survey templates

Ensure your brand is in the spotlight by presenting personalized templates.


Greeting & thanking the audience

Create your own customizable templates for introductory messages and acknowledgments as per the scenarios.

Answer Piping

You can easily insert text from previous questions to a survey that allows you to add customized variables.

Survey Redirection & Reminders

Send reminders to survey respondents and redirect them to the desired landing page or website after the survey is complete.

Frequency Rules

Implementing survey frequency rules, help to determine how often customers can be contacted for surveys based on the email address or survey URL.

Media Library

Your Media Library enables you to save images that you need for your surveys, or to download images, audio files, and videos to your account.


Tagging text responses with subjects, themes, or discussion topics can help you create better surveys that are better for reporting

Collaborate With Platforms Using piHappiness Integrations

Add survey responses directly to integrated accounts for better data filing and record keeping. piHappiness provides five integrations such as:

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Google Sheets

Store survey details easily with auto-export


Boost your marketing and CRM strategies.


Improve business communication with Slack integrations

Google Analytics

Use our integrations for better feedback assessment


Improve CRM on salesforce with direct linking


Unique URL? Let’s join forces!

Generate Real-time Reports & Access Analytics

Quick Analytics

View quick analytics such as customer response and scores on your dashboard at a glance using powerful graphs.

Survey & Location Reports

View survey-based, team and staff performance reports to compare them parallelly.

CSAT Analysis

Appraise a detailed analysis on your customer loyalty, satisfaction and ease of working with reports

Advanced Filters

Filter reports by using drill down functions and advanced filters based on the date, location, time, question, tags & other criteria.

Comparative Reports

Make easy comparisons between multiple locations and dates of such reports cumulatively.

Trend Analysis

Analyze, compare and predict trends with detailed reports.

Text Analysis

Get insights into customer sentiments, behavior and other trends from comments with  our word analysis reports.

Schedule & Export

Quickly save, schedule or export the reports with all integrated filters and settings.

Get Started with piHappiness

Specialized features to have a 360 degree functionality of our CX software.

Change Look and Feel

Add custom domains to your profile page with Domain White Labelling. There is also an alternative to choose Favicon for convenience.

Custom Domain Emails

Use your custom domain email to interact with customers or employees for surveys and other communications.

Custom Domain SMS ID’s

Send SMS updates, confirmation and alerts to the recipients using a custom domain SMS identification code.

Swift Email & SMS Alerts in Real

Send real-time emails and messages to your customers and employees for important updates.

Negative Score Indicators

Create negative scoring parameters for one or more questions and receive alerts to address complaints with the concerned team. Strive to improve quality.

Net Promoter Score®

Understand what customers and employees think about your organization by gauging their loyalty. Spot the detractors & promoters of your brand with NPS Surveys.

CSAT Score

How happy are your customers and employees? Conduct customized CSAT surveys to identify challenges and take the required measures for greater satisfaction levels.

Customer Effort Score

Utilize Customer Effort Scores to pinpoint inefficient procedures and address customer service grievances. Create a seamless customer’s experience with the least effort on their part.

Access to Survey Licenses

Track your survey distribution better by using your account to publish your surveys with survey licenses based on instances and tabs, where each instance & tab consume a license each.

Efficient & Seamless Case Management

Integrate case management as a feature and assign them to the designated teams from piSupport configurations for better handling of customer grievances.

Find Immediate Product Support

Generate a case by sending an email or initiating a live chat with 24*7 available product support agents in case of challenges, so that they can be resolved by our team immediately.

Integrate with piHappiness API’s

Choose from a range of our customizable, scalable, and ready-to-implement APIs for an entire application from your piHappiness account.

Deepen Online Roots with Social Rating

Redirect your customers to the social media reviews page upon the end of a survey based on their CSAT ratings and NPS logic conditions fulfillment to boost your social presence.

Survey Sharing on Social Media

Enable customers and feedback users to share the survey from their social media accounts to magnify your reach.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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