Features of piHappiness, a Customer Experience Software

piHappiness Customer Experience Software Is Your Ideal Companion for Customer Retention & Enhancement of Customer Loyalty.

Our Smart App Features

In case, you are wondering what features make piHappiness the best customer feedback platform for businesses, then take a look at some of the core features of the platform.

Customer Happiness

Customer Experience Software uses multiple emoticons to measure customers happiness.

NPS® (Net Promoter Score®)

Displays Net Promoter Score® that indicates customers’ satisfaction and their willingness to promote the product. NPS forms an important component of piHappiness Customer Experience Survey.

Feedback Reasons/Categories

Captures customer insights with reasons behind customer feedback. Reasons and service categories can keep on expanding. You can add new ones and modify existing ones.

Managing Feedback

As a part of its Customer Experience Management, it collects feedback from customers. It asks the customers to enter their comments/opinions about the product or service. They can even provide suggestions, if any, to the management.

Customer Demographics

piHappiness, being a Customer Experience Platform, gathers customer information such as their name, age, gender, email, and contact number.


Sends notifications to management by email when customers are dissatisfied with services. It also sends acknowledgement notice to the customers.

Tab & Web Log-Ins

Available with Tab & Web interface. You can get ‘Tab interface’ with Android & iOS operating systems. Our cloud applications are available 24X7.

Reports & Analytics

As customer experience app, piHappiness contains various inbuilt analytics and generates reports in various forms pertaining to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the customers about the product. Explores the willingness of the customers towards promotion of the product citing reasons. Our analytics gives you tools to analyze customer experience and their details while reports quantify and represent them with valuable insights.

Custom Demographic Reports

Custom customer demographics data allows you to customize and collect information relating to Age Group, type, and gender of the customers as per the requirement. The reports also let you know other additional details including Income Group, Nationality, Qualification and so on. In essence, the reports give comprehensive information of the customer feedback.

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