Collect Customer Feedback at Banks, Insurance Companies & Financial Institutions

Being an industry characterized by highly secure regulation, customer experience is incredibly important. Take the next step into developing better customer experiences and strategies with piHappiness Feedback software.

piHappiness For Insightful Banking Feedback

Discover what’s missing

Discover any inconsistencies in the customer experience between all channels, including websites, apps, and contact centers.

Illuminate Better Perspectives

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influence customer experience, satisfaction, brand loyalty, and spending behavior.

Fact-based strategy

Identify the actions you need to take and develop a plan for closing feedback loops and resolving customer complaints.

Multilingual Experience

Get better response rates by creating surveys that reach all your clients.

Digital & Offline Capturing

No matter where your users are, use the online or offline surveys across different devices to always get their feedback.

Improve Training

Your customer care staff can be trained using the analytical tools to focus on the most negatively impacted aspects based on feedback received.

Analyze your brand's image

Using one or many metrics to create a survey appropriate for different customers or causes, we ensure to get the most accurate responses to analyze your brand image, loyalty, customer satisfaction and the level of effort they put to reach you.

Custom Demographics and CSAT

Target customers based on their locations to gauge their satisfaction from a zone, division or branch.

Custom Questionnaire

Create your own feedback with the help of customizable questions to make the survey a brand specific experience.


Find out how willingly your customers endorse your bank or insurance company and spot dissenters to address their concerns. Brand loyalty is one of the greatest ways to improve your reach and our NPS surveys will help you do just that.

Industry Specific Themes

Use the help of our collection of themes meant especially for the financial industry for more impactful and accurate surveys.

Receive real-time notifications

The technology and systems of piHappiness enable financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies to receive real-time feedback notifications. View negative scores as they arrive based on key personnel or designated officials to ensure a quicker resolution.


Data Interpretation

Displays data in graphical and numerical form and allows for easy understanding of your customers’ opinion.

In-depth Analytics

Inbuilt analytics critically analyze the respondent’s feedback and provides various fusion charts to understand trends and patterns.

Compare Reports

Easily compare your respondent’s feedback at multiple locations using location-comparative reports. Analyze data, review insights and make better informed decisions.

Establishment Feedback

Set up automated kiosks at different points at banks, insurance offices and financial institutions; customer feedback gives valuable inputs relating to the quality of the ambience & service.

Quicker Resolution of Issues

Find negative scoring customers and address their grievances immediately using negative score alerts. Deploy your customer resolution agents to resolve issues faster than ever before.

Promote Healthy Competition

Analytics can help to find branch performance and establishments to promote motivation. Use feedback surveys to gauge your audience and staff’s performance at various departments.

Feedback Is the first step toward improved productivity

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