Get Airline Passenger Feedback at Airports with piHappiness Feedback & Survey Software

The ever-increasing importance that passengers place on their airport experience makes the investment in technology a need of the hour to stay on top of your competition. Surveys are conducted to examine whether passenger expectations, airports infrastructure, and airline business models are aligned. Customer experience feedback applications are designed to help marketers extract insights and take action on the data available.

How to Enrich Airport Customer Experience?

piHappiness provides several solutions to collect passenger experience. It provides smart features to record feedback for customer retention & enhancement of customer loyalty. With its versatile inbuilt capabilities, the app enables airport customer experience to be documented. piHappiness helps examine open-end responses to identify the best areas to improve.

Application Features of piHappiness – Airport Passenger Feedback System

Powerful features that make piHappiness the best customer feedback platform for airport passenger experience:

01. Easy Application Setup
02. Feedback Capability
03. Multichannel Airport Feedback 04. Reports and Analytics

How Does it Gather Airport Passenger Experience?

piHappiness implements a metric system to measure airport customer experience. The app uses a fully customized system using emoticons to collect passenger feedback. The reports include comprehensive information about customer experience. It also contains information regarding age group, type, and gender which aid airports in providing focused passenger services.

piHappiness displays Net Promoter Score® (NPS) that indicates customers’ satisfaction and their willingness to promote the airport facilities. NPS is an important addition as it helps accelerate newly added airport services for healthy passenger experience.

piHappiness creates a culture of customer centricity by making feedback available to your teams. It contextualizes passenger data by connecting the survey to the airport’s CRM. It collaborates the survey data which empowers airport management systems to make better decisions. The existing business systems trigger a survey to the passengers automating their feedback.

Receive Instant Passenger Feedback

Within 30 seconds, piHappiness collects the core customer insights airports need. The piHappiness customer feedback system is the fastest way to know your customer satisfaction. Dynamic questionnaires and reports are delivered to the management system. The feedback-collecting emoticons and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) keeps track of customer experience at airports.

Responsive Passenger Feedback Management

piHappiness improves retention and loyalty of passengers by responding to their feedback directly from the platform. The complaints and suggestions are taken care of by the management on receiving real-time notifications by emails. A feedback acknowledgment is reverted to passengers making them feel cared for.

Allocate Department-Centric Performance

piHappiness customer survey app monitors every feedback in detail and marks them for review. It allows the authorities to pitch tasks for relevant airport staff to address customers concerns according to departments. Airports see it as an opportunity to enhance passenger loyalty by effective resolution of the negative feedback. Customer communication workflows are customizable as per requirement.

Scope of Airport Passenger Feedback System

By following a passenger-centric approach, piHappiness creates meaningful and memorable flight connections for customers. It helps the staff in doing everything they can to make the journey less stressful. The real-time feedback system has expanded to allow guests to rate staff, immigration officers and retailers, in addition to the cleanliness of facilities. Prime focus on actionable insights has led to increased airport productivity. This has refined the service standards for better passenger experience.