Know Your
Customer Feedback  Instantly

Experience a real-time connection and find out what your customers think.



One Platform to Analyse Walk-In Customer Happiness


Instant Customer Feedback

In just 30 Seconds, capture customer feedback & insights with instant ease.


Dynamic & Custom Questionnaire

Create and customize questions to gather customer experience.


Real-Time Notifications

Instant Notifications to Management and Customers by email.


Analytics & Reports

In built analytics and reports help you discover customer happiness trends.

Instant Customer Feedback

In just 30 seconds, captures the core customer insights you need. piHappiness customer feedback system is the fastest way to know your customer satisfaction. As a customer feedback app, offers feedback-collecting Emoticons, Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), Dynamic Questionnaire and feedback forms to track customers’ opinion and satisfaction level.

Dynamic and Custom Questionnaire

Grow your customer feedback response rate by changing the questions dynamically with the help of our customer feedback platform. No need to irk customers with long surveys. Easy to create and customize the questions as per your business demands.

Real-Time Notifications

Make your customers feel that you care for them when they have concerns or complaints or suggestions about your business, with effective and improved customer feedback management. Instant email mechanism from our customer feedback software will send ‘Notification’ to Management and 'Feedback Acknowledgment' to Customer when customers want to approach management.

Analytics & Reports

piHappiness Customer Feedback Survey, contains several analytics and generates various reports which help you discover multiple customer details such as total responses, satisfied customers, unsatisfied ones, and reason(s) for their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product and willingness to promote the product or not with reasons. You can get reports in different forms such as pie charts, graphs, and tables.

Transform your unhappy customers to happy customers with simple communication workflows.

piHappiness customer happiness app monitors every feedback in detail and marks low-rated feedback for review. Add tasks for relevant team members to act and address customers concerns. Businesses can see it as an opportunity to enhance customer loyalty by effective resolution of the negative feedbacks. Customer communication workflows are simple and customizable as per business needs.

piHappiness tailored to your industry

piHappiness captures customer feedback for all industries from single to multi-locations. Customers' feedbacks are captured using Smileys, NPS®, Categories, Single and Multi-Questionnaire, Open text, Customer Demographics and etc. You can create location-specific TAB Survey and customer experience web survey as per your industry requirements. Choose the appropriate plan that deems fit from the available flexible plans and use piHappiness on the go.

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