Event Feedback App for Attendees, Sponsors & Other Stakeholders

Decipher the participant's perception about the benefits of attending the event using piHappiness Event Feedback System. Easily capture the feedback of the audience/participants after a business event, tradeshow, conference, networking events, seminars, conferences, wedding, company meetings, team meetings and helps you in the best way to know the audience/participants satisfaction. Translating those perceived benefits into an experience helps one create better events in the near future.

A Robust Event Feedback System

Multichannel Digital Patient Feedback

Multi-Channel Feedback

Dynamically collect event feedback using Android and iOS devices, automated kiosks and online web surveys.


Multilingual Support

piHappiness feedback software supports more than 90+ languages and facilitates the attendees to give feedback in their desired language.



Setup feedback systems at multiple events located in various locations and easily compare attendee/participant feedback across locations.


Real-time Feedback

piHappiness event survey tool captures the opinion of the attendee in real-time.

Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Receive feedback instantly when the attendee submits the feedback and also acknowledges the attendee.

As a Marketing Tool

As a Marketing Tool

piHappiness event survey software also allows running promotional videos, marketing campaigns on Kiosks.


Core Attendee Insights

Offers core insights of attendees feelings, thoughts, satisfaction, and opinions using an event survey app.


Resolve Issues Efficiently

Get a glimpse of real-time attendee issues and offer instant solutions to keep your audience engaged.

Delivering Great Event Experiences

With piHappiness event feedback system nail your events with flawless execution. Create amazing attendee experiences by surveying your audience before, during and after the events.

Collect meaningful feedback and make smarter decisions for improving attendees satisfaction.

Mobile Friendly Apps

How does piHappiness Capture Event Attendee Feedback

piHappiness employs a single metric or a combination of metrics to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Analyze reports for actionable customer insights and resolve issues efficiently.

01. Custom Demographics and CSAT

piHAPPINESS event survey software uses fully customized attendee Demographics and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) by using emoticons and Service Categories / Reasons to collect the attendee feedbacks.

02. Custom Questionnaire

Allows you to customize questions based on the Event category, venue, timings and other various parameters. It is fully flexible to add and drop questions at single or all locations.

03. NPS®

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) forms a core metric of piHAPPINESS customer feedback. NPS® offers a sneak peek of event promotion.

04. One-Click Feedback Surveys

Handover the Android and iOS devices to your attendee’s, speakers, presentors, or participants and know the pulse of each responder with a single click event survey’s.

Real-time Reports and Advanced Analytics for Event feedback

Track Staff Performances 1

Analytical Reports

Create dynamic surveys for each event and analyze the reports over the period. piHappiness in-depth analytical reports will help create better attendee experience.


Reports in Multiple Facets

piHappiness event feedback system generates multiple feedback reports for accurate analysis. Our event survey app displays data in Graphical and numerical form and allows for easy understanding of attendee’s experience and satisfaction.

summary digests

Receive Regular Summary Digests

Get comprehensive feedback reports delivered to your inbox. Schedule to receive daily, weekly, monthly updates and keep track of event attendees feedback all the time.


Compare Across Locations

With location comparative reports, easily compare attendees feedback of multiple events organized in various locations. Analyze data, get insights and make informed decisions.

Customized Dashboards

Robust Analytics

Inbuilt analytics critically analyze customer feedback giving you a clear picture of customer experience and satisfaction. All the requisite data is presented at finer details helping you gain valuable insights and thereby the predictable outcomes.

piHappiness Event Feedback and its Advantages

Overall Scenario

piHappiness feedback system evaluates the overall scenario of various aspects. They include the effectiveness of individual speakers, seminar topics, product demonstrations, exhibitors and sponsors, and overall experience of the event.

Resolve Issues Efficiently

Analyze, pre-event, mid-event and post-event surveys to know the shortcomings of the event. Take immediate action and improve the overall experience for the attendees/participants.

Efficient Feedback Management

Keep a close watch on the staff performance and assign due responsibility.

Comprehensive Event Feedback

piHappiness Event feedback system captures the event feedback from event attendees, event volunteers, sponsors and partners, speakers and VIPs, and employees.

Leveraging piHappiness Event Feedback Surveys for a Successful Event

Pre-Event Feedback

Pre-event survey is the most effective way to predict the wants and needs of the audience. Ask the audience directly with pre-event survey questions from logistics to topics to keynote speakers.


Source of Event Information

Let’s you know the platform that you can target for marketing efforts in the future. Also, offers insights about the performance of different marketing channels.


Accessibility of the Venue

Encourage attendees to give constructive feedback on the ease of accessibility and rating of the venue. Positive feedback on the venue lets you rebook the same in the following year.


Interested Speakers

Know the speakers whom the attendees are interested in using event satisfaction surveys.

Core customer Insights

Inaccessible Event Information

Captures the potential gaps causing roadblocks for the smooth functioning of the event. Initiate necessary action for the overall success of the event.


Audience Information

Store the audience's data such as name, email address and phone number which can be used to communicate with them for upcoming events updates.


Preferred Social Platform

Know the social media platform that better engages the audience. Use the preferred platform to communicate the happenings during an event.

Mid-Event Feedback

Post-event feedback offers valuable insights gives a comprehensive picture of attendee satisfaction and help improve things for the next event.


Check-in Process

Evaluate the check-in process and adopt the necessary steps to make the check-in process more welcoming. Take proper steps to minimize the waiting times and clogging of attendees in queues.


Participant/Attendee Needs

Evaluate the attendee’s concerns or complaints of the ongoing event and resolve them right away. Helps improve the event experience at the moment’s notice for a flawless experience.


Rate Ongoing Session

Allow the attendees to rate the ongoing session and offers insights of the shortcomings. Act swiftly to enhance the overall experience of the attendees.

Post-Event Feedback

Post-event feedback offers valuable insights gives a comprehensive picture of attendee satisfaction and help improve things for the next event.

meeting (1)

Participation of the Attendees for Future Events

Explore the willingness of the attendees to attend the future events; gives a clear picture of attendee satisfaction.

conversation (1)

Plan Better Future Events

Information gathered from both pre and post-event surveys fuels the strategies and logistics for the next event. Analyze the data, implement the requisite changes to make the next event a roaring success.


Level of Satisfaction

An excellent indicator of attendee satisfaction. Gives an idea of the event organisation in general.


Quality of Information

Know whether the event succeeded in meeting the set objectives in delivering the wealth of information.

Employs an Array of Metrics

The Best/Worst Thing About the Event

Know your shortcomings from the attendee’s feedback and implement the changes at your next event.


Favorite Thing About the Event

Build a running list of attendees favorite moments so that they can be repeated for future events.

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