Collect Feedback and Capture Leads With piHappiness Event Management Survey Software

piHappiness event management survey software helps you to understand participants’ opinions and perception about the usefulness of attending your event. You can effortlessly collect the feedback of participants and audience after team meetings, company meetings, weddings, conferences, seminars, networking events, conferences, trade shows, business events, and more. The software enables you to measure audience satisfaction and use the insights to conduct improved events in the future.

Features of piHappiness Event Management Survey Software

Collect Feedback on Multiple Channels: You can capture event feedback utilizing online web surveys, automated kiosks, and iOS and Android devices.

Support for Multiple languages: piHappiness supports over 90 languages and enables attendees to provide feedback in their chosen language.

Support for Multiple Locations: You can set up feedback platforms at several events in multiple locations and effortlessly compare attendee feedback across all locations.

Real-time Feedback: piHappiness event experience feedback app captures the opinions of attendees in real time.

Real-time Notifications: You get instant notifications when participants submit their feedback and the system also automatically acknowledges them.

Marketing Capabilities: piHappiness event experience survey software allows you to deploy marketing initiatives in kiosks and run promotional videos to publicize your events.

Get Core Participant Insights: The application offers core insights into audience opinions, satisfaction, thoughts, and feelings.

Resolve Issues Swiftly: You can understand attendee issues in real time and provide instant solutions to them to keep participants satisfied.

Event Survey Software that Connects You to Attendees at Every Step.

01. Analytical Reports
02. Reports in Several Facets 03. Powerful Analytics
04. Compare Across Locations

Advantages of piHappiness Event Experience Survey Software

Comprehensive Assessment

piHappiness assesses various aspects such as the overall event experience, sponsors and exhibitors, product demonstrations, seminar topics, effectiveness of each speaker, and more.

Resolve Concerns Quickly

Evaluate pre-event, mid-event, as well as post-event surveys to learn about the drawbacks of the event. This allows you to take instant action and enhance the overall experience of the attendees.

Efficient Staff Management

Assess your employees’ performance closely and delegate due responsibility based on skills and aptitude.

Complete Event Feedback

piHappiness event experience feedback app collects event feedback from attendees, volunteers, partners, sponsors, VIPs, speakers, and staff members.

Create Amazing Event Experiences by Surveying Your Attendees Before, During, and After Your Event

Pre-Event Feedback

Conduct a pre-event survey to predict the needs and wants of the participants. Query the attendees directly on subjects as such topics, keynote speakers, logistics, and more.

Source of Event News

You can target the source platforms with your marketing campaigns. Plus, you can get insights into the performance of various marketing channels.

Venue Accessibility

Get constructive feedback on the venue’s accessibility and facilities. If you get positive feedback, you can rebook the venue for future events.

Mid-Event Feedback

Be responsive and use real-time feedback to identify and fix these issues as they arise.

Check-in Process

Assess the check-in procedure and make it more welcoming. Reduce waiting times and ensure participants don’t get clogged in queues.

Understand Attendee Needs

Learn about guests’ complaints and concerns about the ongoing event and take steps to resolve them swiftly. This helps to enhance the event experience for your audience.

Post-Event Feedback

This survey helps you get useful insights into participant satisfaction that you can leverage to improve your

future events.

Best/Worst Aspects of the Event

Learn about attendees’ opinions on what they liked most and least about your event. Work to overcome the shortcomings and repeat the strengths in your future events.

Capture Audience Information

Store participant information like name, phone number, and email address securely and use it to send notifications and updates to them about upcoming events.

To sum up, piHappiness is an effective and affordable event experience survey software that you can leverage to efficiently capture attendee feedback and analyze it accurately to improve the audience experience in your future events.