piHappiness Guest Satisfaction Survey & Feedback Software for Hotels and Resorts

With the ever-increasing market competition, it becomes absolutely important to focus on the customer experience. When customers engage with your business, they should not only be provided with great products but also with splendid customer experience. Brands and businesses that successfully realize this have a lot of potential in efficiently implementing a guest satisfaction survey & feedback software to stay ahead of their competition.

How Can piHappiness Help You With Guest Satisfaction?


piHappiness, as a guest satisfaction survey & feedback software allows your business to get reviews and feedback from your guests. The software is simple to use and effectively collects feedback from your customers, thereby enabling you to measure guest satisfaction. With effective usage in many industries like restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc., piHappiness makes your job of satiating your guests’ needs easier with its guest experience software, with a plethora of benefits as detailed below.

Key Benefits of piHappiness Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey & Feedback Software

piHappiness guest satisfaction survey & feedback software provides multiple benefits for dining and hospitality companies. They include the following:

01. Decreased Customer Churn

Product or price is secondary to most consumers as they look for a great guest experience from the ventures they are visiting and investing their much valued time in. With piHappiness, you can deliver a positive and strong experience to gain the long-term patronage of your valued guests. This is done through real-time feedback given by guests through the guest experience platformto heed to their grievances and improve their experience in real-time

02. Boost Consumer Satisfaction

Research studies show that by consistently offering a   delightful customer experience, a business can improve customer loyalty. By treating them like royalty and going beyond the call of duty in your service delivery, you can rest assured that your customers will stay with you even if your competitors reduce their prices. piHappiness guest experience management software empowers your venture to offer such remarkable customer experience by detailed analytic reports about what services the majority of your guests liked, so you can improve them, even more, to make them the prime attraction of your venture.

03. Engage Your Customers

Today, consumers can get information and feedback about an enterprise and its products and services from the internet. Happy customers give your business positive feedback and can even act as your brand ambassadors to spread the good word about your brand. With piHappiness’ guest experience software system, you can engage your customers and deliver quality services to power your company’s growth and success through their positive feedback received on the guest experience software.

04. Develop Business Advocates

A Nielsen survey in 58 nations reveals that 84% of consumers fully trust recommendations from friends, family, and office colleagues. By delivering an exemplary customer experience with the piHappiness guest experience platform, you can generate a ripple effect of referrals and recommendations by your happy customers, who are sure to perform the affirmative word of mouth publicity for your business.

04. Delightful Customer Experiences

Why do people shell out much more to dine in star-rated restaurants when they can get the same food at a much lower cost in any ordinary restaurant? The answer is the distinct guest experience provided by star-rated restaurants in addition to the better quality of food. This example shows that guests prefer the whole experience over one particular service in ventures. A guest experience software can solidify your venture as a force to be reckoned with by helping you improve the guest experience.
Leveraging Technology to Improve Guest Experience

With piHappiness hotel guest satisfaction survey & feedback software, you can deliver enriching experiences that will make your customers connect closely with your business and keep returning to it for more.

Get Valuable Feedback and Insights
Consumers will appreciate it if your business promptly acts on their comments, suggestions, opinions, and takes immediate remedial action. piHappiness enables you to get useful feedback on the guest experience your business offers that you can analyze and leverage to fill gaps and improve your customer experience procedures.
Harness Advanced Technology
piHappiness guest experience management software utilizes sophisticated technology and analytics tools to help you improve your customer experience processes. The platform enables you to analyze volumes of data and identify customer preferences, intent, and behavior. Armed with this information, you can create strategies and programs to deliver relevant and enriching experiences to your guests.
Assess Staff Performance
piHappiness guest experience software system allows you to create and offer restaurant/hotel surveys to your patrons to get their feedback on your outlet’s management and staff. This feedback enables you to judge the quality of service delivered by each employee and take prompt action to address any shortcomings.

Scope of Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey & Feedback Software

Get in touch with our experts and install our  hotel guest satisfaction survey & feedback software. A quality guest experience platform like piHappiness can enable your business to provide a remarkable guest experience to your customers. Additionally, you can get valuable feedback from them and use it to improve your service quality to make your guests keep returning for more.

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