Understand the Hassles Your Patients Go Through With piHappiness Patient Experience Survey Software

piHappiness patient experience survey software assists you to collect feedback from patients across all your healthcare locations using modes such as web surveys, kiosks, iPads, and Android tablets. The software measures patient satisfaction utilizing tools like feedback surveys, simplified and dynamic questionnaires, feedback categories/reasons, open text, and emoticons. It helps you improve patient response rates. The solution enables doctors and hospitals to spot gaps in healthcare, boost the quality of care, and enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.

Multilingual Support

piHappiness provides support for multiple languages and thus allows patients to provide feedback in their preferred language.

Multi-Location Feedback

Collect patient feedback across various clinics and hospitals, as well as from their branches located in multiple places.

Analytical Reports

piHappiness patient experience feedback software utilizes a combination of metrics or a single metric to measure patient satisfaction.

Group Dashboards

piHappiness patient experience feedback app offers dashboards to users that display both individual and group feedback.

Prepare Custom Surveys

Create intuitive surveys to measure patient satisfaction and share links to web surveys with patients via SMS or email.

Analyze and Resolve

Assess data, gain insights, and make educated decisions based on the responses captured from different feedback points.

Get Regular Summary Digests

You can opt to get daily, weekly, and monthly updates and feedback reports sent to your inbox so you can track patient feedback.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize sophisticated analytics capabilities to get insights into important aspects that require attention.

Patient / Doctor / Staff Analysis

Learn about Patient Needs

piHappiness patient experience feedback app allows you to capture patients’ complaints about the quality of healthcare services. You can analyze the feedback in detail to better under patient needs and resolve them with efficient solutions.

Patient Feedback on Hospital Employees

Get complete feedback data on the services rendered by doctors, support staff, and nurses. This helps the management to make timely and effective decisions to improve hospital functioning.

Patient Demographics

piHappiness patient experience feedback software collects patient details such as their name, sex, age, contact number, and email address.

Get Real-time Notifications & Alerts for All Patient & Hospital Experience


The software sends email notifications to the management when patients express unhappiness with services. Plus, an acknowledgement notice is also delivered to the patients.

Web and Tab Log-Ins

piHappiness patient experience feedback app is offered with web and tab interface. Both iOS and Android operating systems present tab interface. The cloud applications can be accessed round the clock.

Quick Insights and In-Depth Analysis of Patients Experience

Reports and Analytics

As mentioned earlier, the software’s detailed analytics features enable you to assess the patient experience, while reports quantify the data and present them with valuable actionable insights.

Custom Demographic Reports

You can get detailed information on patient demographics such as their sex, age group, nationality, educational qualifications, income levels, and more. In essence, these reports give you comprehensive information on each patient.

Benefits of piHappiness Patient Experience Survey Software

01. Identify Loopholes in Healthcare Services 02.Effective Feedback Management
03. Provide Improved Services
04. Deliver Superior Healthcare
05. Deliver Superior Healthcare

Who Utilizes piHappiness Patient Experience Survey Software?

This software is being leveraged by hospitals, healthcare organizations, clinics, physicians, pharmacies, diagnostic labs, and other persons and establishments in the healthcare sector.

piHappiness patient experience survey software can be effectively utilized by healthcare organizations and professionals to gain valuable feedback from their patients on the quality of care delivered. They can use the insights to understand patient needs and fulfill them satisfactorily to improve the overall patient experience at their treatment center.