piHappiness Visitor Feedback Software with Customizable Feedback Forms, Real-time Reporting, In-Depth Analysis

Enterprises and businesses have always tried to attract their visitors by offering them the ultimate experience. In this day and age, visitors are heavily attracted by ventures that offer an enchanting customer experience over ventures that just sell their products. To attain more customers, a customer-centric approach has to be taken by ventures, which can help elevate the customer experience. This can be done by getting feedback from the visitors, and utilizing the feedback to improve their overall experience. piHappiness helps your business in doing exactly that with the help of its exemplary visitor feedback system.

What is piHappiness Visitor Feedback Software?

piHappiness, as a visitor feedback app can be effectively used to survey and collect your customer experience. It provides features to record feedback for customer retention & enhancement of customer loyalty. The app’s versatile inbuilt capabilities enable the experience of using a product or service to be documented. piHappiness helps examine open-ended responses to identify the best areas to improve.

Collecting and analyzing customers’ feedback with effective results, piHappiness’ visitor feedback app jolts your business in the right direction. The colossal amount of features piHappiness offers only helps you elevate your venture’s customer satisfaction. Whether it’s real-time feedback or feedback after customer engagement, piHappiness’ visitor feedback app helps you collect important data from the customer to help improve your services and grow as a business..

Key Features of piHappiness Visitor Feedback Software

piHappiness’visitor feedback software comes packed with powerful features to enhance your venture’s customer experience. The most prominent features are as follows:

01. Quick installation

02. Customer retention features

03. Customer demographics

04. Multichannel client feedback

05. Generate analytical reports

piHappiness as a Platform to Measure & Enhance Client Satisfaction.

Real-time feedback

Within 30 seconds, this app collects the core customer insights management needs. The piHappiness visitor feedback system is the fastest way to know your customer satisfaction. Comprehensive dynamic questionnaire and reports are delivered to the management system. The feedback-collecting emoticons and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) keeps track of your customer’s experience and you receive instant feedback.

Responsive customer feedback management

piHappiness improves retention and loyalty of customers by responding to their feedback directly from the platform. The complaints and suggestions are taken care of by the management on receiving real-time notifications by emails. A feedback acknowledgment is reverted to the visitors making them feel cared for.

Allocate department-centric performance

piHappiness a visitor feedback software monitors every report in detail and marks them for review. It allows the authorities to pitch tasks for the relevant staff to address customers’ concerns according to departments. Businesses see it as an opportunity to enhance customer loyalty by effective resolution of the negative feedback. Customer communication workflows are customizable as per requirement.

How Does it Gather Your Visitor’s Feedback?

piHappiness implements a metric system to measure customer experience. The app uses a fully customized system using emoticons to collect feedback from visitors. The reports include comprehensive information about customer experience. It contains demographics regarding age group, type and gender which caters businesses in providing focused customer services

It displays Net Promoter Score® (NPS) that indicates customers’ satisfaction and their willingness to promote your facilities. NPS is an important addition as it helps accelerate newly added services for a healthy experience and boost brand promotion.

piHappiness creates a culture of customer centricity by making feedback available to your teams. It contextualizes visitor data by connecting the survey to your CRM. It collaborates with the survey data which empowers the management systems to make better decisions. The existing business systems trigger a survey to the customers, automating their feedback.

Scope of Visitor Feedback Software

piHappiness provides a customer-centric approach which creates a meaningful and memorable experience for visitors. It helps the management to provide customers with a satisfactory experience, elevating their return rate. This focus on actionable insights has led to increased productivity due to the quick identification of faulty departments. This has refined the service standards for better customer experience.

Get in contact with our experts and install our visitor feedback system to increase your revenue and obtain other benefits by getting reports from your visitors. Insightful feedback can guide product and service development to focus your resources on what customers really want from you as a provider. We help in collecting data to identify and eliminate problems.