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Online surveys have become very popular amongst businesses to get a comprehensive insight into their customers’ minds. While these surveys serve the purpose of providing agencies with the essential information they need to elevate their customer experience, it is also true that picking an online survey software for agencies is a burdensome task.

The marketplace is flooded with the general run of the mill free products which provide users with the ability to conduct quick surveys. However, agencies require competent and professional online survey software in order to successfully capture the information they require. So, the question of how does an agency choose the right online survey software arises with this dilemma. 

In this article, we will explore all the factors an agency needs to consider before choosing an online survey software for gaining optimum results.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Online Survey Software for Agencies

There are many features that come encoded in a competent online survey software. However, there are some key factors one must consider before being enchanted with the elaborate features. These factors determine how well-crafted and beneficial the features in the software can prove to be. Let’s take a look at these key features and what makes them so important to consider.

1. Exceptional Security

While customer feedback software nowadays are careful with their security options, it is imperative that agencies make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken by these software. Having the general terms and conditions and policies displayed for the customers is just not enough.

Assess what types of certifications and clearly worded policies are being used by the customer survey software. It will help your agency in evaluating the level of security measures that are incorporated in the software. Protection of customer data is of utmost importance for conducting online surveys, and this factor is the first and foremost thing you should check before choosing an online survey software.

2. Multiple Themes and Templates

The number of people actually filling online surveys depends on how enticing they think the surveys are. While the crux of the questions for online surveys remains almost the same across various industries, it is important to present the users with some attractive visuals that urges them to take the surveys. Hence, look for an online survey software that comes with various themes to choose from. It is also a good plus point if the software presents the option to customize themes. Templates are also very essential in jazzing up the surveys, as they can dictate the structure of a survey. Unique and engaging templates urges the users to go through with the survey and not leave them midway.

3. Interactive Questionnaire

This is a very crucial factor to consider, especially when your surveys don’t have a particularly engaging subject matter. This factor is an extension of themes and templates. Offering visual cues to users like answers in the form of images or quirky doodles guiding them through the survey can keep the users engaged. Similarly, you can use various versions of rating scales in a survey so it doesn’t become monotonous for the users. This way, not only will they go through the survey, but they’ll also be entertained throughout the journey, looking forward to the next question.

4. Implementation of Logics

Intuitive surveys are often not talked about, but have proven to be the most effective type of surveys for customers. Check if the online survey software has the option of incorporating various logics into its surveys, so it offers targeted questions to various types of customer personas. If the customer feedback software is able to identify the persona of a user from their responses, it can provide them with a specific questionnaire which matches their persona, which will ultimately help your business in getting more refined feedback from the users.

5. Advanced Analytics

This is both a factor and a feature. Online survey tools do the job of accumulating information from users via surveys. But they should also be capable of comprehensively analyzing the responses and compartmentalize them based on the type of ratings or answers provided by the users. The software should also have the ability to generate custom reports on user data based on various filtering options like age, gender, demographic, etc.

6. Should be Mobile Friendly

Over half of the internet surfing in today’s day happens on smartphones and tablets. Hence, it is imperative that the online survey software you’re choosing to be compatible with mobile devices. The users should not have to scroll much to view the questions and respond, and even view their responses. Images and other media should be optimized so it loads quickly on mobile devices. Their dimensions should not meddle with the small screen presentation and should be properly visible to the users. 

7. Project Sharing

Sharing information is a very crucial part of evaluating customer responses. An online survey software should have the ability to allow employees to share projects and relevant customer data obtained from online surveys. It should allow the sharing of data across multiple channels and platforms to make the process more collaborative. For instance, Google Sheets are more collaborative than Excel, as they can be stored online and be edited with multiple authors in one place, unlike Excel spreadsheets. 

8. Budget

This is a more obvious factor, but important nonetheless. Evaluate your business’s goals and assess how much budget your agency can devote to availing an online survey software. To properly evaluate the budget, you must ensure that you know what features your agency requires out of the software, and the duration it is planning on using the software. Since high-level online survey software comes with various pricing tiers, it is important to know beforehand what list of features your agency requires out of it. This will help you in comparing the pricing tiers of various software that have your required features.


As an agency, it is necessary for you to evaluate your imminent requirements. How well these requirements meet with an online survey software depends on the factors mentioned above. Efficient online survey software like piHappiness are designed to accommodate all these factors and much more. Request a demo today and explore the possibilities of engaging online surveys for your agency.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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