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Difference Between Online Feedback Surveys Vs Live Chat-bots

What is a Feedback Survey? A feedback survey is a type of process used to find the amount of customer satisfaction. Feedback can be taken on the basis of services provided by the business to different customers. A survey is designed consisting of many questions so that the business can get proper feedback on its […]...
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Essential Tips for Creating Effective Customer Feedback Surveys

As technology grows, there is always a scope of betterment, in order to explore the area of improvement; customer feedback survey is something that gives an opportunity to develop in the area you’re lacking in. Many companies view their customers as people who can break or make the progress of the unit. Companies tend to […]...
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Importance of Customer Feedback Software In The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is all about pleasing your customers and making their requirements a priority. For top-notch service, it is important to gauge what your customers perceive about your hotel. Collecting their feedback gives perspective in the direction that needs improvement. It also helps in maintaining the appreciative qualities of your hotel. Customer feedback helps […]...
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What is a Customer Effort Score and Why You Should Measure it

Customer Effort Score or CES is a simple metric that is designed to evaluate and measure the amount of effort a customer puts in during their engagement with any business. This effort can range from anything from a request, finding a product, purchasing a product, checking in, checking out, exploring, and other parts of a […]...
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Customer Feedback Software: Must Have Features & Integrations

There’s no doubt in asserting that customer feedback software is the need of the hour. Ascertaining the perspective of customers around the globe and helping businesses improve their strategies, customer feedbacks play an important role in driving a business towards success. There is a plethora of customer satisfaction survey software in the market. It depends […]...
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Gen X vs Gen Y vs Gen Z and Their CX Expectations

Generations are divided and classified. Each classification is defined by their birth year. Every set of generation division has its own common characteristics and traits they are recognized by. There are 3 Sets of Categories: Generation X: Born between 1965-1980 Millennial (Generation Y): Born between 1981-1995 Generation Z: Born between 1996-2012 The fast-spreading technology is […]...
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Entrepreneur Tips – 4 Things That Your Customer Wants From You

What’s the one question that frequently infiltrates your boardroom conversations and meetings irrespective of the day’s agenda? It is none other than the quintessential question of “how to improve your customer relationship and enhance customer experience”. And understanding what your customer wants from you is a huge aspect of gaining a quantifiable answer to this […]...
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Benefits of Replacing a Restaurant Feedback Form With a Feedback App

Most restaurants try to collect feedback from their customers, the most favorable process being a paper feedback form with a printed survey. Even if the customers respond to these surveys, it does not bring much help to the business. Analyzing and converting these feedbacks into useful results is not only difficult, but also very time-consuming. […]...
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