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The dawn of the 21st century brought with it many variables with customers, with their requirements evolving with the new advancements in technology. Customer service has become one of the most essential elements for any business, and catering to customers’ needs and providing them with impeccable customer experience is the goal to thrive for.

Understanding the evolving needs of the customers and adapting to them is no easy task though. Hence, just accumulating data of customer details is no longer enough for businesses. To provide a wholesome customer experience with proper servicing, customer management and feedback are 2 of the most important elements to grow a business.

Here are some of the most relevant customer demands in the 21st century.

📝 Customization

While mass production of various types of goods still holds relevant, customers today are more interested in availing goods and services they can customize based on their likings. Over 36% of customers today prefer to buy customized products. This is a very prevalent development in customer demands that businesses need to adapt to and making use of customer feedback is the gateway to understanding the customers’ needs more effectively.

📝 Automation for Fast Check-ins/Check-outs

Time is money – This quote is more relevant in the 21st century than it ever was for customers. While exploring and testing products before buying them is still a very healthy process, customers nowadays prefer to use technologies like AR or VR to test products beforehand and go straight into buying their shortlisted ones.

To tackle this phenomenon, businesses can use customer feedback management software, which can help them in assisting customers not only save their time, but also explore more options and provide valuable feedback.

📝 Mobility of Information

The 21st century has brought a digital revolution along with it, and businesses nowadays are mostly inclined to operate online. Customers have shown a particular liking to shop online, with a revenue of $6.4 trillion being expected to be churned out in the year 2020 from eCommerce sales.

This means that businesses have to make sure that all the information they want to send to customers or make accessible for them should be mobile-accessible, as mobile phones are the primary source of internet searches in today’s day and age.

📝 Providing Enough Touch Points

Since we are talking about the eCommerce domain, let’s keep exploring what customers want when they’re surfing online looking for goods and/or services. Customers prefer to go on websites or platforms where they know that their experience will be convenient. Businesses can elevate the customer experience on their websites by using a multitude of touchpoints, like live chats and chatbots. These can help make the user experience convenient, with quick resolutions for queries and easy instructions for customers to follow.

Using a customer experience management software that comes packed with a multitude of touchpoints such as these is the most convenient way businesses can introduce efficient and effective touchpoints for customers.

📝 Implementing Customer Feedback into Operations

This is one of the most important elements that can elevate your customer retention exponentially. Customer feedback is, perhaps, the ace in the hole that can help businesses in improving their customer experience by ten folds. Using a customer experience management software, you can pass customer feedback surveys that are easy to fill in and record the feedback for review.

Assessing these feedbacks is imperative to know which areas of customer service your business can improve in. This way, your business can implement solutions and refine the customer journey even more, improving your customer satisfaction scores.

📝 Engaging Content

There are at least 10 more businesses that offer the same services as you do. How to attract a customer to buy from you then? Lower prices? Better servicing? Faster responses? Well, these elements, while relevant, only cover 50% of the whole deal of attracting customers.

Customers nowadays prefer to engage with brands or businesses that offer them something that enthralls them in the form of content. Generic product descriptions, names & functions of the services, mundane ads, etc., no longer attract customers. Bringing in the element of razzle-dazzle in the form of unique content, which not only catches the attention of customers but also keeps them engaged, is the key to unlocking customer acquisition.


piHappiness is a customer feedback software that assists businesses in improving their customer experience. With elaborative features like customer surveys, analytics and reporting, custom demographic reports, and much more, your business can leverage these features to improve customer service conveniently and build an impactful brand image.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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