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What is the Net Promoter Score?

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a criterion by which companies can measure the satisfaction level of their customers. A simple example is the rating based on 5 stars or 1 to 10 that is frequently asked of consumers on customer feedback software once they have availed a service. Using this rating, businesses measure customer loyalty towards them. To be successful in business, knowing how to effectively use the NPS data is significant information. If the company gets a high NPS score from the customer, it can use this score to promote the brand by emphasizing on quality user experience.

Tips to Use Net Promoter Score

Interact with Your Customers to Get their Feedback on NPS

The first step to getting a high NPS score is to communicate with the customers. The target of every company should be driven by the needs of the consumer, hence, try to provide them with the best service and ask for their feedback once they have purchased a product or any service from you. Take the example of e-commerce sites. They ask for a rating about the delivery experience once they have successfully handed over a product. When you are catering to new customers, make sure you know their preferences beforehand so that you can expect a high NPS score.

To ensure that your buyer or client can provide exact information about their experience, you can make use of Net Promoter Score Software like piHappiness. These will build an analytical report for you from which you can discern how many responses were recorded, who are the promoters or satisfied consumers and who are the unsatisfied consumers or detractors.

Do Not Generalize Customers

Each customer is different and should be individually treated if possible, to provide ultimate satisfaction. Their needs are also unique and if you provide a blanket solution, chances are high that they will get dissatisfied. It is advisable to rather segregate your customers into segments based on their requirements and the value they return on your investment. Moreover, customers’ problems may be specific to the channel used for communication or delivery. Use the detailed NPS score provided by customer feedback app like piHappiness to cater to the user and offer solutions in the sincerest manner.

Use a Benchmark Value for Comparison of Scores by Net Promoter Score Software

Having a target NPS rating will help you improve your service and stay afloat in a saturated market. Referral marketing is a major source of boosting sales and inspecting which ways your competitors are providing valuable experience to their users and getting referred. Since there is no single best Net Promoter Score but one that varies in industries, check the popular marketing trends. Moreover, the NPS also depends on the region where your business is located. While the usual trend in European countries is to rate mostly 8-10 for a satisfactory experience, in Asian countries the score will be slightly mediocre. Hence, in 2012, Check market discussed the need to develop separate regional NPS Software systems.

Do Not Overuse the NPS Question in Your Surveys

A major mistake often made by companies is to frequently send customer relationship surveys with NPS Software to their clients. While you should regularly analyse the NPS, it is prudent to send the survey questionnaire after a certain interval of time. For example, say a customer has purchased an item from your brand. The question is when you should send the survey. Do not ask for their feedback immediately after the purchase, especially if the product is bought from an online store. After the product has been delivered and the customer has supposedly used it for some time, send the questions and ask how the buying and the consumption experience were. In marketing strategy, over-surveying is termed as survey fatigue. With too many surveys to respond to, the users find it difficult to rate their experience, and the dissatisfaction will lead to low rankings.

Net Promoter Score Software like piHappiness will help solve this dilemma of the opportune time to send surveys. With their short but dynamic questionnaires which clearly convey the necessity of the survey at logical situations, they can get instant customer response and keep them satisfied.

Do Not Maintain an Unclear Point of Action

In other words, inform your personnel to act upon any query made by the customer or negative feedback in the customer feedback software. You should develop an action plan for emergency responses and prepare your staff for managing dissatisfied customers. Usually, customers can be classified into three broad types depending on their feedback- promoters (who rate with positive feedback), passive (who rate neither high nor low) and detractors (customers who provide negative feedback and extremely low ratings). To retain clients, you need to win over the detractors.

Discuss with the staff how you can adapt and improvise the customer helpline system. However, this does not mean that the promoters can be taken for granted. While you can encourage satisfied customers to promote your NPS, use the feedback obtained through an effective customer feedback software like that of piHappiness to improve the services or products marketed by your brand.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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