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The main aim of this study was to develop a www-based system of course feedback that serves both teachers and students, the system would include generating and analyzing feedback pages for the course, keeping provision of feedback, plus a summary. The student feedback system of management is developed for higher education. Students provide opinions of their family members and faculty of the students.

Some educational institutions have adopted student feedback software to collect information regarding their learning experience also about the performances of the lecturers in the class. Soon after logging into the system, only then it is possible to provide feedback. The student needs to log in with their registration number and not with their name. He would have to log in with the registration number and not with his name. He would give feedback to the faculty member based on the subject. He comes with five options designed on the Likert scale Excellent, good; don’t know, bad, very bad. The student would pick the choice from the scale in the feedback form. There are different areas he would need to cover individually during the process of giving feedback like voice strength, style of teaching, content, behavior, and the timing sense. Then, he would submit the feedback to the software. The system is designed in such a way that he can view the results in them.

Administer module so that you could avail those facilities the college has to get the registration with the system. College users would need to avail those facilities the college has to register its entire module and function with the system. The college facility has to add the details of the courses they offer and the branches. College would add Faculty members, branch code, name of the course, plus the number of seats. College would add faculty members by subject, plus his/her complete contact information. They could view details of the subjects by regulation, semester, year, module, and branch. College would register the students in bulk and then would divide them into sections. Students could view these details of the results not by grades but by promotion and demotion.


  • This system is primarily developed for the purpose that students provide their feedback about their teachers
  • Students may view their semester outputs
  • There are certain customized student feedback system where only engineering lecturers and college students curriculum is taught
  • College can register as one group with one single system, it would not accept in case students would individually register
  • College could register with a system that comes with faculty and branch details
  • Student needs to log in with their system generated number and not with faculty and branch details
  • The college needs to log in with the number and not with the name

Student feedback systems gets developed exclusively for the purpose of lecturers and students. In this system, students would be able to check their results every semester. The purpose of this questionnaire would be to gather information on your experience of learning along with the response you provide. While clicking the answer, you need to think of these questions as your perceptions that are subjective on several aspects o the course and also the teachers involved within the system.

The opinion or the information provided by the students is highly useful for the University and the teachers in the current efforts to further enhance the education quality. The feedback or inputs provided by the student would be kept highly confidential. The evolution would get calculated based on the total scores from that of responses from all the students. Students need to not just provide their register number, also need to mention their names. Students would give their voice strength, style of teaching, knowledge of the subject, and behavior plus timing sense. He can take help of the five options placed in the Likert scale as mentioned above plus mention faculty name, his choice of subject, department, and branch. This kind of information he or she has to submit with the system.

In the admin module, only the college could register with the system. The college needs to add branches with the module name and number. The college needs to register faculty members with respect to the department and the course along with their personal details. College or university needs to add details of the subject in a particular branch adding the syllabus. They would need to add certain feedback questions to the existing system. College would need to register in bulk, further segregating as groups and the allotted sections to these.

Details of all the promoted students to the following semester would be kept on the system. These students and the faculty can see the course name, branch name, student id, and the year, Feedback gets shown as bars and charts. Then the assessment details could be viewed in section, branch, and year. It would give information about faculty members; they would need to improve their performance or the other way round according to notifications.


  • It is really useful if you analyze the performance of all the faculty members in a course
  • Students get access to viewing their outputs/results, their attendance branch wise along with id number
  • Students would provide their view about the faculty members that comes as the questionnaires
  • Lecturers are appointed towards their respected modules or departments, with their qualification and experience
  • The administrator would introduce the newer colleges to the students also lecturers

To conclude

There are several types of student feedback software that could be used by colleges. Especially in the case of engineering and technology-based topics, the colleges would receive a huge number of resolutions when it comes to conducting the courses and taking assessments also announcing the results.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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