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There was a time when teachers would dole out assignments to their students without even thinking about how they would be assessed. The feedback would essentially contain a kind of rolling out marking with grades maximum would be grading according to the percentage of CGPA. However, the current module of assessment is in the form of a summative and evaluative percentage. Ever since, I have shifted to a personalized model of learning, incorporating student feedback so that the students could grow.  

This transition to a hybrid also distance learning has resulted in an increasing requirement for conditional assessment. Without appropriate feedback, students might get disconnect from school also their mentors. Feedback should be personal, which is the reason why it’s primarily the key to establishing and maintaining student relationships. To gather the best student feedback software are available that could help in creating a good understanding of the student progress.  

So, let us focus our attention on building one effective loop of feedback, Regardless of the fact whether the mentors are with students. Here are four components each excellent food loop needs to possess: 

So let’s look again at building one effective loop, whether or not the mentors are physically their students. Let’s check the four components every excellent feedback loop needs to have: 

  • Expectations and empathy – You need to create a culture of classroom enabling acknowledgment of student strengths at the same time emphasizing that feedback comes as one expected portion of the entire learning process. Every learner comes at different positions on the road to realizing, which is completely fine. Model some non-judgmental, totally empathetic approach towards addressing the mistakes and also sharing constructive criticism.  
  • Personalization – You could put fast multiple-choice assessments that serve your purpose, they give you feedback unspecific and impersonal. Take some to provide feedback that is personalized to every learner rather than generalized statements, something that would apply to every student. Small group or even one-on-one set instruction is a great method for taking using this feedback with your students, also providing them with strategies so that self-evaluation can be done in the future. You will help students to grow as learners who work independently.  
  • Recursion plus iteration – You should provide immediate feedback, cyclical and continuous. Once you have provided feedback, make sure you revisit regularly to observe how student’s concept on the subject has changed because of that. There are several student feedback software that helps in understanding the performance of the students and keeps proper track of their understanding.  
  • Communication plus adjustment – The most important and significant feedback system includes tracking to make sure students learn from their mistakes. Consider you are sharing that tracking system with your students to help them see for themselves the way their growth is progressing. Ensure that students are aware of the learning targets they are working towards. This kind of open communication would allow you with maximizing instructional time and accelerating growth.  

There are several kinds of feedback collection systems that help in the process of understanding and gathering feedback. It is best to understand what students feel and how they are providing feedback on their learning. The best way to gather student feedback is by using the software or app that helps in accurate guessing of the student’s understanding of their subject matter and also how fast they grasp. This could help you in creating an excellent student learning curriculum for their further growth and development.  

This is the best time to install the advance student feedback system so that you can gather what is the best way of making student learning easy, good, and according to the needs of the students. This would help you to create a curriculum that creates maximum knowledge sharing and easy grasping of the subject matter. In case you feel you need more changes in the curriculum the software would be easy to help you give the input. There are so many of the types of collecting feedback that helps you automate and personalize the entire process of collecting the feedback so that you are able to give a comprehensive and integrated curriculum for the students. Accelerate the process of learning of the students using these and get superlative results.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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