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Student Feedback System

Meaningful Feedback from Parents and Students Impact Significantly in Online Learning

Just like feedback helps learners track and monitor their performance ensuring they are in the right path of and focused to their goals, feedback is also a valuable tool for the educators (faculty) and the institution. When learners provide their opinion, it helps content creators assess how effective the study materials they created have become effective […]...
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Why Student & Parent Feedback Matters for Schools

Effective teaching helps to improve students’ learning and prepares them for a successful future. But to deliver great teaching, schools need to get feedback from students and parents on their teachers and the learning environments they provide. A quality student feedback app can help districts, schools, and educators garner valuable feedback and insights that they […]...
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How Universities Can Provide Excellent Student Experience

If you are running an educational institution, you have the power to nurture the future generations of the nation. Therefore, you need to be careful regarding how you are educating the students. Especially, when you are running a university and have the finest minds of the generation at your disposal, it is your responsibility to […]...
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What Makes Student Feedback Apps Necessary Today?

The education system today is indisputably facing challenges from almost all regions. With constantly decreasing teacher-student ratio in many countries, the system is surviving between budget constraints, rapidly evolving technology and a constant call for a complete system overhaul. Something that appears to be in a distressful state of affairs is actually being dealt with […]...
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