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How to Utilize QR Code Survey

Thanks to mobile devices, QR codes have become an everyday commodity in the lives of people and businesses are discovering new methods to deliver seamless customer experiences using them. Small companies want to offer a service level that converts their consumers into loyal patrons who give them repeat visits. Any firm can take small steps to facilitate this and you don’t need to be a behemoth like Amazon to create immediate results. In this blog, we give you tips on how to use a QR code survey to provide seamless customer experience.

Businesses of any size can use QR codes to make it simpler for their consumers to make their purchases at the time and place of their choice. They can leverage technology to engage buyers at all phases of their purchasing journey and present multiple options to them that are easy to use and convenient. A QR code survey app like piHappiness makes it simple to craft and deliver seamless customer experiences.

Benefits of QR Code Feedback

When a customer scans the QR code on a product in your store, they instantly get details about the item they might want such as dimensions, shipping information, or warranty info. Or, the customer may get an offer for an X% discount on the product if they order it on your website within 24 hours.

This provides the customer, as well as the business with the following benefits:

  • To begin, customer convenience is facilitated by the QR code review. You can give buyers more options to make their purchase on the platform and schedule of their preference to boost the chances of making sales.
  • Secondly, you can capture this consumer’s behavior and route them back to your online store.
  • By providing a “seamless customer experience” we mean your business should connect with your consumer at each touchpoint in their purchasing journey. QR codes present a great technology for businesses of all sizes to accomplish this.

  • Lastly, you get a trail of the item this particular consumer is interested to buy. This allows you to retarget them with tempting offers for related categories or products. In short, you can use QR codes in limitless ways in your store to deliver seamless customer experiences and boost your business. Plus, you can capture QR code feedback from consumers and use the insights to further improve your service quality.

Creative Methods to Utilize QR Codes

Retail businesses can use the following ideas to increase sales with strategically included QR codes:

1.   Provide Mobile Rebates

Rebates help in attracting customers but it can be a hassle to redeem them. Buyers need to mail it in or negotiate a difficult online rebating procedure. QR codes can help here as they can be placed on signage in the store or on a consumer’s receipt. This allows customers to swiftly scan the rebate QR code and instantly get the discount in the store itself without any waiting period.

2.   Coupons

QR codes are used as mobile coupons by numerous retail businesses. Customers can rapidly scan a coupon and redeem it immediately. They don’t have to remember complicated number patterns or codes, with another advantage being that the buyers can save QR codes for later use. Thus, a QR code form facilitates a seamless consumer experience as there’s no interruption in the checkout process. Buyers also need not worry about losing their coupon because they forgot to bookmark the relevant page online.

3.   Mobile Layaways

QR code review is a big benefit if your shop permits customers to place items on layaway for purchase later. Shoppers can simply scan a QR code to reserve the layaway item. This is convenient, especially when the consumer is not present in your store and is shopping on the go. They can reserve the item and come to the store to collect it later. Furthermore, you can incorporate QR codes in your advertising and marketing materials to enable customers to reserve holiday products or high priority goods before time.

4.   QR Barcodes on Business Cards

You don’t have to overload your business card with links and information which would make it look messy. Simply include a QR code on your business card to hide most of this info, while still enabling people to easily access your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Thus, you can make your business card look sleek while still carrying all the essential information. This method can be leveraged by working professionals and retail businesses.

Scope of QR Code Survey App

With piHappiness customer feedback software, you can utilize customer feedback effectively to deliver seamless consumer experiences. Talk to our specialists today to find out how our QR code feedback platform can help your company make your customers happy and retain their business for the long term. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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