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What’s the one question that frequently infiltrates your boardroom conversations and meetings irrespective of the day’s agenda? It is none other than the quintessential question of “how to improve your customer relationship and enhance customer experience”. And understanding what your customer wants from you is a huge aspect of gaining a quantifiable answer to this question.

Contrary to the popular belief that all a customer is looking for is the best product at a competitive price. Customers in present-times fully understand that every entrepreneur is striving towards offering their best product at the most aggressive price. With a market full of alternatives, customers are now looking much beyond the product and the price tag. On account of this, present-day entrepreneurs are also looking at creative ways to comprehend what’s on their customer’s mind.

This has given birth to multiple marketing and analytics strategies focusing on customer behavior and interaction. Data analysis, customer experience software, survey apps, visual analytics, regular feedback collection, and many such tools are being adopted by entrepreneurs to comprehend the customers better.

So, what is it that your customer wants from you? We have narrowed down this for modern entrepreneurs and here are the four things that today’s customers want from the businesses.

Entrepreneur Tips – 4 Things That Your Customer Wants From You

  • Solve Problem Rather than Listing Features

What management books teach you is how to present your brand and products to the right customer, the right way, at the most favorable time. However, achieving these goals should never be limited to only outlining the features of your product. Although important, mentioning features must be complemented with showcasing how the product can solve an existing problem of the customer.

Nowadays, customers are prioritizing products with maximum problem-solving abilities over simplicity, which is easily available. This is one of the primary reasons manufacturing units are increasingly being supported with research and development wings that focuses on resolving customer issues. Every new product being developed, whether it is an electronics industry or FMCG, is coming across evidently as an invention.  Companies are heavily dependent on customer feedback software and applications to gather feedback and ensure their new product is targeted towards resolving a customer concern.

  • A Modernize Feedback System

Taking feedback is a traditional approach to know your customers. And commonly businesses, restaurants, retail stores, and other such outlets follow the paper and pen-based system. The traditional method of gathering feedback has been losing credibility for a long time as it is rarely taken seriously by a customer. Therefore, many businesses have started using customer feedback app to modernize how customer share their feedback and give suggestions. It is easier for both customers and the entrepreneur to use.

  • Establish Personal Connect With Customer

Ultimately, trust plays the most instrumental role in building brand value amongst the customers. The best way to gain trust is to establish personal connections with the customer. While it is easier to establish personal connections with customers for a small scale business, this is observably difficult for medium or large scale organizations. Modern ways to establish an after-sale connect with the customers are customer experience app or online customer accounts. This is how you can provide customers a digital corner of their own where they can share not just their feedback but also concerns and make suggestions. It is a great way to ensure you address any after-sale concern and always remain available for the customers, establishing connect and trust.

  • Provide Value-Added Benefits

Customers today are constantly looking for value addition to the purchase they are planning to make. Some of the most basic types of value additions are optimum support services, consulting services, easy upgrades, and future discounts or repeat purchase benefits. These value additions are great triggers to enhance demand and add value to the product or service on display. Communicating the value-added benefits upfront ensures a visible difference from the competition and reinforces the worthiness of your product.


Customer satisfaction is the key to success and thus, knowing what a customer wants holds the utmost significance for entrepreneurs of any domain and scale. If you are looking for ways on how to understand customers better or getting a customer feedback app for your business, contact the team of piHappiness – one of the most trusted customer feedback and survey software.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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