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Emotion: A Key to Measure Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

Emotions play a key role in determining everything in a person’s life. Since the dawn of the industrial age, businesses have to keep in mind how connected and satisfied a customer feels while engaging with them. Nowadays, businesses employ a customer satisfaction survey app to conduct surveys and determine how happy the customer is after their engagement with the business has concluded. It has become a key element in measuring if the customer is retainable and/or loyal. 

In this article, we will understand why emotions play a critical role in determining customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Survey App & How It Gives You Insights to Your Customers

Customers always want their opinions to be heard. Businesses nowadays employ customer satisfaction apps to conduct various surveys that help them calculate their customer satisfaction scores. Here are some ways through which you can gain insights into the customers’ experience through a customer satisfaction survey app.

  • Customer Journey
    Many businesses create a roadmap to plan out the journeys of their customers. But these roadmaps are not always followed by the customers. The customers straying off the roadmaps is a critical aspect in determining your adaptability and customer satisfaction. Whenever a customer enters your establishment, their whole journey should be recorded until they leave. This becomes a good vantage point for reference, in case they experienced any issues with your services.

  • Easy and Convenient Surveys
    Conducting surveys is the best way to understand how customers feel. Keeping the surveys simple and to the point is very necessary, or the customers might not fill them completely and quit halfway, especially the customers who are unsatisfied with your services. The insights of an unhappy customer are crucial in improving your services, which creates a good impression in their minds as their responses were listened to and worked upon. It helps in retaining them and increasing their loyalty to your business.

  • Analyzing Feedback
    Once the customer takes the survey, the app carefully analyzes the customer satisfaction score, and lets you know about any negative feedback. This helps you in filtering out the areas which you need to improve upon to provide an optimum customer experience. It will not only help in increasing customer satisfaction but also bring back the unhappy customers whose feedback was heard and necessary actions were taken to make sure that the issues they faced were resolved.

Importance of Customer Loyalty Software in Processing the Emotions of Customers

When it comes to the crux of running a business, retaining customers is at the forefront of the checklist. For retaining customers, it is imperative that their satisfaction was good, and they have enough grounds to engage with you again. Some ways a customer loyalty software helps you with determining these emotions are as follows:

  • Valued Services
    In a recent study, it was found that customers with positive emotions are 74% likely to advocate your business, while 63% of the customers with positive emotions are retained. Customers not only advocate your business and bring in more customers, but they also determine how much engagement the new customers they bring in have with your business. A customer with negative emotions will make it clear on the customer satisfaction survey that they were unhappy, and their grievances should be heeded to in order to retain them. This is highlighted by the customer loyalty software which makes it easy for you to find the unsatisfied customers and personalize and improve their customer experience.

  • Defined Metrics
    A customer loyalty software helps you in defining the aspects of the customer’s journey, which categorizes their overall experience to make the surveys more focused and precise. Using conventional metrics in your surveys like a happy-to-sad scale helps you in identifying the positive and negative emotions easily. You can then focus on the percentage of your customers with negative emotions, and improve your services in the areas your customers are not too happy with.


A customer’s satisfaction only depends upon what they feel after conducting business with you. Their emotions are what makes or breaks your relationship with them. Using customer satisfaction surveys to find and analyze these emotions is imperative to any business. For it is the customers who keep your business running, and keeping them satisfied is your duty.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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