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The current scenario with the COVID-19 has taught everybody in the world a thing or two about the crisis and the need for better attention to details in the medical system. Crisis never knocks on the door letting people prepare. The best that can be done is to stay as prepared as possible before a said crisis arises. The need for constant improvement in services is a must for every health care system out there. Starting from providing the best patients experience to the people coming in for treatment to asking them ways to further improve the system plays a vital role in not only ensuring the health care system provides the best but also staying more prepared to address any crisis.

This software incorporates various means of collecting data through surveys and questionnaires which are then processed and stored in a patient feedback system which then generates data to help understand patient needs better and also enables the health care system to notice and address gaps in their services to improve patient response rate.

5 Ways of Improving the Patient Experience Program

When crisis strikes, the health care system needs to make changes to accommodate and address the current issues. That said, in order to make their solutions better, adding more Patients Experience data will definitely help. There are 5 ways to improve this experience.

1. Customized Surveys

Opting for customized surveys always helps. These customized surveys add a personal touch to the survey and since patients cannot be generally categorized in the same class this is an excellent improvement to the existing patient experience survey software. These surveys need to be prepared in such a way that it not only covers the concerns of the patients but also lets the patient feel that they too have a say in their well-being. In fact, incorporating the immediate family’s feedback too will help understand the overall management better.

2. Collection of Data via an App

Health care systems can easily rely on apps to feed the survey data directly to the patient feedback system which is powered by machine learning and AI. these two components will help not only organize the collected data but also generate meaningful charts and reports so that key personnel can make an informed decision about the changes that need to be implemented. These apps also will help avoid hefty paper works. Having a patient feedback app will make the conduct of the survey easier.

3. Following Up Better

Another way to improve patients experience is to follow up immediately. The benefit of incorporating AI into the analysis and report generation process is that results are provided instantly and in real-time. These real-time notifications will allow doctors and medical staff to respond better, faster, and with more efficiency. Considering every patient equally important is a difficult task but these surveys and the data collected via the patient feedback app will definitely make the matter easy. The app also helps the patients to be more honest about their requirements. 

4. Better Demographics Report

With the incorporation of a better patient feedback system, health care systems can understand the general demographics of their patients, especially the regular ones. Demographics pertaining to age, location, sex, and professional background not only helps the medical workers to treat each patient better but this data also helps further studies and development of better solutions to diseases. This data also helps the medical workers to have a more empathetic approach to the treatment of their patients which is known to work just as well as the medications. 

5. Incorporating Multilingual Support

As mentioned earlier, the demographics collected also provides insight into the need for adding multilingual support in the feedback system. This way patients can easily complete the survey and provide their honest opinions with regards to their experiences. While to many this might seem inconsequential, the fact that a majority of the country’s population does not need the medical attention they require is their inability to communicate their needs to the administration better. Listening to every regional language speaker is a lengthy process thus incorporating this option in the survey system will help hasten the process.

Adapting to a better patient experience survey software is the best way for health care systems to not only understand the needs of their patients but to also enhance their experience so that even if they need to visit a hospital again, they will choose their previous system. Opting for companies like piHappiness that makes such software will help healthcare systems to make their patient experience better.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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