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A classroom nowadays is not limited to the four walls of a room with numerous benches and a desk up front. It is not necessary to have to be inside a room filled with many other such individuals to be gaining a particular knowledge, all at once. With eLearning, students can learn from anywhere at any time, and it is very useful for people who are working alongside their studies, or people who cannot attend regular classes. 

Ways to Provide Meaningful Feedback

E-Learning provides many people the opportunity to study even if attending regular classes is not a possibility for them. Through the feedback methods to eLearning, students can put out their suggestions and questions about the lectures they attend. Feedback is always a good way to understand how much people can interact with something and get benefited out of it. 

Meaningful Feedback

The online courses feedback should be meaningful; there can be betterment of content from feedbacks towards online courses. 

  • Gives teachers and professors an onsite to their teaching methods. With feedback from students, it becomes clear to whoever gives the lecture, as to how much the students can gain from their teaching.
  • Gives the online teaching platform knowledge of certain dos and don’ts to help create a larger audience. Getting more people engaged with their teaching courses to expand. 
Specific to the Topics

Feedbacks should be specific and guided only around the topic of discussion. Feedbacks are important for the better understanding of a topic during eLearning.

  • Knowing about the questions that are raised by others on a topic, opens the horizons of thinking and knowledge, but only if the questions are related to the topic. 
  • Questions that are not specific to the topic can cause confusion and in eLearning Feedback, students can get easily distracted from the topic of discussion. 
General Feedback of the Students

General feedback to the course includes a student feedback on online courses. The viewpoint of a student towards an online teaching system, and the courses they are exposed to, makes for an outer sketch of the whole concept of eLearning.

  • The online courses should be beneficial to the students in order for them to gain any kind of knowledge from such courses. General Feedback also includes feedback from teachers or professors on how teaching through online platforms are beneficial. It also looks into how teachers and professors can get better opportunities at online classes. 
Feedback for the eLearners

There is feedback for students to make learning easier for them. Feedbacks for eLearners are useful in keeping them motivated and engaged.

  • Feedbacks such as performance tests or progress notes can help keep learners to stay on track and focus, and allow them to see the progress they have made during the time of the course.
  • Interactive content for learners, such as surveys or quizzes help them to understand how much they have retained from the learning and motivate them with every correct answer, or help them learn more with the corrected answer to every incorrect answer. 
Using Apps for Feedback

Student Feedback Apps can provide a clearer view of the feedback for the eLectures.

  • With the student feedback app, it is easier to assess the skillfulness of the professors and teachers, the quality of the lectures, the teaching pace, etc. The app works in real-time to accept and assess student suggestions and complaints, and regard them to solve their issues for satisfaction and trust among students.
Personalized Feedback

The feedback that one provides for an online course should be personalized to specify one’s own questions and suggestions. It is important to be questioning any doubts or points that may be unclear in the course of the lecture.

  • A better experience of eLearning is only possible if there is open interaction among the students and the professors or teachers. To have a positive outcome from a lecture, students need to put out their views and points, and take part in the interaction to share different opinions, and conjure creative differences.   


Feedback to Online courses is an important part of teaching, because it improves the quality of teaching and classes. Meaningful, useful, and suggestive feedback can help the growth and betterment of online courses

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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