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Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

All organizations know that consumer satisfaction is an important asset. But many companies do not make it a priority to regularly collect feedback from their customers because they may not be sure of the process. Customer feedback survey software can help them in this regard. 

Customers have multiple online communication methods and options today, and your firm can smartly leverage them to understand exactly what they want. Then, you can use the insights into your services and products to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to enhance your offerings. 

Retaining Your Customers is Smarter 

Consumer satisfaction surveys can give you information about customer wants and needs. Research indicates that it is more cost-efficient to retain your current customers than spending on marketing and promotions to gain new ones. Therefore, focus on building long-term loyal relationships with your customers so that they become repeat buyers, and strive to make them happy so that they become your brand advocates. 

Utilize Branded Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

Happy customers will be more loyal and will give you repeat business. Plus, they’ll spread positive word of mouth about your brand by recommending your services and products to their family and contacts. To collect customer feedback, you can use branded surveys that include your organization’s look and feel. 

Gathering specific data about negative and positive perceptions can help to improve sales and marketing campaigns. On social media, comments about your brand will be viewed by numerous potential clients almost immediately. You can actively respond to these comments to carve an image as a consumer-friendly company whose aim is to deliver excellent customer service. 

Customer Feedback Survey Tools 

1. piHappiness 
piHappiness – Customer Feedback App & Survey Software

piHappiness is a popular cloud survey solution designed for enterprises of all sizes. It offers functions such as survey management, trend analysis, feedback management, sentiment analysis, action management, live alerts and more. The platform permits you to use emoticons to measure customer satisfaction levels. Its centralized dashboard displays a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Plus, the software allows you to make changes, determine service categories, and understand the reasons behind buyer feedback. 

You can use piHappiness’s customer demographic capability to capture and store customer information including name, email, contact details, age, and gender. The application also presents analytics and customized reporting tools. You can remotely access the platform using any iOS or Android device. 

Main Features of piHappiness

  • Survey Builder

Use this function to create customizable and attractive surveys.  

  • Multiple Feedback Channels

Collect consumer feedback using methods such as automated kiosks, iOS and Android devices, and on the web. You can accept live consumer feedback anytime, from any place. 

  • Multilingual Support

The software supports more than 90 languages and permits customers to provide their feedback and comments in their native language. 

  • Scheduling and Customized Reporting 

piHappiness allows you to generate customized reports for easier information interpretation. You can opt to get daily, weekly, and monthly reports in your inbox to closely track customer feedback. 

  • Robust Analytics

piHappiness offers powerful analytics to help you gain actionable insights into customer experience and satisfaction.  

  • Data Analysis 

The system analyzes data effectively and guides you to focus on aspects that require enhancement as per customer feedback. You can take fast action to efficiently resolve the issues and improve your company’s customer service levels. 

2. Survey Monkey 

SurveyMonkey enables you to easily create and share online surveys for purposes such as collecting employee or customer feedback, competitive analysis, quick polls, market research, and others. This application permits you to customize your surveys for the needs of your target audience. 

Survey Monkey offers advanced and automated features to help you conduct various types of online surveys, reach out to numerous respondents, and obtain real-time results. You can use the software’s reporting and data analysis tools to evaluate the huge volumes of data you capture. The program also facilitates collaboration by helping you to export and share the data and analysis reports with your team members and other stakeholders. This enables your organization to make data-based decisions to improve its services. 

Customer Feedback Survey Best Practices

Phrase Your Questions Clearly

To obtain useful feedback from respondents, you need to word your queries in an understandable manner. If customers are not able to figure out what the questions are about, they’ll abandon your survey. 

Use open-ended questions to get the needed information from respondents. These can provide more details compared to dropdowns or multiple-choice questions. However, it takes more time to answer open-ended questions, so use them smartly and sparingly. If your surveys are consistently lengthy, your respondents may succumb to survey fatigue.  

Do not Use Questions that Provide Subjective Responses 

Your goal is to get detailed feedback and comments from your customers. Therefore, if the responses are hard to interpret, your effort will be wasted. 

For instance, consider the question “Can you give a percentage figure about your likelihood of revisiting our restaurant?” The query seeks to measure loyalty, but depends heavily on the customer’s personal estimates, and will, therefore, provide hard to interpret results. 

Customer Feedback Survey Templates 

piHappiness – Customer Experience App & Survey Software

You can use the following templates to elicit useful responses from customers. 

Product Usage

To get feedback on the quality of your product or service, you can ask the following questions: 

  • How often do you utilize the service or product?
  • Does it assist you to meet your objectives?
  • Which feature of the service or product do you like the most?
  • What aspects would you like to improve?

Demographics information helps sales and marketing teams to segment their audience accurately and offer customized deals to each group. The data will give them access to hot leads that can be converted into winning deals. You can try to use the following demographic questions in your survey:

  • What is your age?
  • Can you provide information about your gender?
  • Are you employed?
  • What is your location?
  • Are you single or married?
  • Do you have any children?

Since these questions are personal in nature, give your respondents the option to omit them if they are not comfortable in giving out the information. 

About piHappiness

piHappiness is an effective and affordable customer survey and feedback software solution that can be used by businesses in the restaurant, healthcare, events and expos, education, retail, and other industries.  Contact us today to deploy our reliable system to capture detailed and reliable feedback and data from your customers.

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Chanakya Kyatham

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