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As we know, recent business ventures rely on the ‘word of mouth’ method through their patron’s reviews and most importantly, willingness to recommend the services to close friends and family. Hence, the Net Promoter Score or NPS helps business owners such as you to assess their customer bases’ loyalty towards the brand and services through their inclination towards recommending your services.

The NPS software, after its introduction in 2003, has brought about a revolution in business strategies to research and recognize the customers who would endorse your brand name. Such is done by inquiring their willingness by providing them a scale of 0-10, where they can put down the score which reflects their willingness to recommend your services. 

The NPS system can aid you in identifying the customers who are willing to stay loyal to the services as well as bring new footfall in the business. By integrating the NPS tool, you’re bringing efficiency into your management services to identify the promoters amongst your patrons. 

Now there are certain core features of the NPS system which reflects the professional assistance you’ll receive from integrating the software:

  • You have the provision to automate the reviewing services thus saving work-time from the surveys. 
  • Your surveys will carry your personalized brand logo, theme and every aspect which aids the customer in familiarizing with your services. 
  • You have the freedom to customize the questions to your patrons to have them sound more professional and personal at the same time. 
  • Proper responses can help improve work regulations for future customer satisfaction

Here are some brands for NPS product comparison through which you’ll find the most productive software for your venture:


piHappiness – Net Promoter Score Software

When it comes to a comprehensive assessment of consumer feedback through a real-time survey, you can trust piHappiness. Here, you can customize your questionnaire for the NPS score and expect accurate details on customer satisfaction. 

When it comes to checking piHappiness through NPS service comparison, you’ll have the luck to know that the software operates in 90 different languages as well as compatible with both Android, Windows as well as iOS devices. As a customer experience software, piHappiness ensures to draw in customers’ feedback to help your services attract positive feedback. 

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a good choice if you want to measure and improve Customer Loyalty through NPS Surveys. It is a multichannel software with which you can measure NPS at every touchpoint by creating and sharing NPS Surveys through email, SMS, Android tablets, and smartphones. The software is known for its ease of setup and use. With Zonka Feedback, you can work on negative feedback or low NPS Scores, assign tasks to your team, take action, and close the feedback loop effectively. Here is what you get with Zonka Feedback:

  • Ready-to-use NPS Survey templates for various industries.
  • Dynamic Surveys with skip logic, hide logic and survey redirection.
  • Real-time alerts to get notified for detractors and take action.
  • Survey Throttling feature to prevent over surveying your customers.
  • Trigger automatic surveys both as Transactional and Relationship NPS Surveys.

Advanced reports like NPS Meter report, Text Analysis report, Trends report, Location Comparison report.


As an NPS software, Wootric works on reducing human interaction when inquiring for customer surveys. With their functional tool-kits, Wootric makes sure to implement in-app methods that not only quicken the reviews but guarantees a result due to 0 human intervention such as separate emails asking for feedback. 

With subsequent feedback, your venture can move forward and modify the customer experience to be more satisfactory, adhering to their expectations. 

Here is what Wootric will provide as an NPS software:

  • The software is available for various platforms such as through websites, SMS and mobile phones.
  • You’ll receive your analysis instantly due to easier customer access and usage. 

Survey Sparrow

If you wish to want your survey inquiries to be more conversational, SurveySparrow makes sure to turn the feedback process into a personal discussion. The software is known to be one of the best in the market for the multitude of features and customer support systems which make the entire feedback process, more conversational. And when it comes to NPS tool comparison, here are what SurveySparrow has in store over other brands:

  • Provision for customers to preview their feedback. 
  • You’ll be able to import and export the data received from the software. 
  • SurveySparrow is suitable for various Google Applications. 
  • There’s of course, the benefit of question branching to make the queries more personalized. 

Ask Nicely

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management or CRM usage, you can depend on AskNicely’s NPS software to enhance market strategies through timely feedback. Through proper NPS software comparison with different brands, you’ll find AskNicely to vouch for real-time survey scores. Thus, with daily feedback, your business can implement modifications in its services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The following features of AskNicely can help you understand their services further:

  • You can set a headcount limit of the number of customers you wish to include in your surveys each month. 
  • AskNicely allows for third-party app inclusion. 
  • The software also provides separate segments for products and employees (services) reviews. 


The NPS software has brought about a revolution in benefiting from real-time feedback on your business’ services, thereby enhancing your venture’s value. From our evaluation of the aforementioned NPS software, piHappiness makes for the most advantageous set of outcomes, with its multitude of features and smooth functionality.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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