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As technology grows, there is always a scope of betterment, in order to explore the area of improvement; customer feedback survey is something that gives an opportunity to develop in the area you’re lacking in. Many companies view their customers as people who can break or make the progress of the unit. Companies tend to drive the extra mile to keep their customers happy and satisfied and in order to understand and learn from past experiences and to know the reviews of the customer, a feedback survey is the most convenient and appropriate method.

The feedback is important for knowing the grievances and positive criticism, then analyzing it for better performance. Doing a feedback survey is an effective way of displaying the customer that they are important and their opinion matters.

Customer Feedback App and Its Relevance

Instead of going for manual or mail-surveys, using a customer feedback app has come up as a tremendous aid to the enterprises for gathering relevant information in an easy and systematic manner. 

In order to create effective customer feedback surveys here are certain things that shouldn’t slip your mind:

  1. Explain the Need to Participate in the Survey to Customers
    A person is more likely to help when they know there is a prerequisite for it, in order to gain better. Being acknowledged about the reason brings more willingness to perform the survey. While you perform the survey it aims to collect insights and honest reviews. The software used for the survey should be easy to use which brings up the willingness of the customers to participate.
  2. Framing Survey Questions
    To get efficient results, ask unbiased questions that do not have an inclination towards a particular contention so that you get honest feedback. Avoid questions like, ‘Would you like to rate our services as good, or great?’, instead use the scale of 1-5 ratings which provides a perspective of the nature of products/services. The questions presented should be brief, direct and easy to understand for the layman who isn’t aware of the technicalities, as this survey will help to reach the maximum audience.
  3. Provide a Room for Open Answers
    In the multiple option survey, provide an option of “Other”in order to know the honest input and insight of the customer. Numerous customer feedback apps provide the “other” options feature which results in efficient feedback. This option gives the respondent a room for presenting the exact opinion, which is not confined to the options given. Providing space for additional comments gives the customer an opportunity for positive criticism. The open space not only allows the customer to present an honest input but gives them the freedom which is not confined to the options mentioned.
  4. Open-End Questions
    In the conclusion of the survey, seek a candid input about how can we improve or asking about their legitimate expectations for future development. This can also result in exploring the need for new features, or prospective demands. This option helps you to know what’s on the mind of your customer audience which will give a qualitative learning arena to the unit.
  5. Time Consumed for Participating in the Survey
    If you propose the time that will be consumed by the customer in order to complete the feedback of the product and services. The company conducting a survey should emphasize on the importance of time of the customer. If a survey mentions that every second is valued and the estimated time commitment by the customer, they shall accordingly answer the feedback question. The survey proposed shouldn’t be time-consuming, the feedback software should have approximately 15-20 questions.
  6. Don’t Let Go Off the Partial Responses
    While setting up the feedback software or app, the prerequisite should also include collecting the partial responses of the customers. In case a respondent couldn’t complete the survey, left it halfway, the questions that are answered shouldn’t go in vain. Every response to a question brings a new perspective. During the survey set up, prioritize the sequence of the questions presented in order to get the best customer insights.


Hence to form an efficient feedback survey, make sure that the purpose and the questions presented are easy to understand and crystal clear. The survey should aim in collecting all the possible responses, therefore, it should be framed in a logical order and all the questions asked should be in clear language and specific to the motive of the survey. Associating with piHappiness will help you get the best in-trend software and applications to assist you in bringing about an effective feedback survey. The quality and reliability is unmatched.

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Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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