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What Is Patient Satisfaction?

Patient satisfaction can be defined as a factor indicative of the quality of treatment that a patient receives in a medical facility. Also, it is determinative of the happiness that a patient has after they are treated. The medical facility can be qualitatively measured.  This can be done by understanding to what level patients were satisfied by the effectiveness of care. For example, a patient feedback software is employed to reveal what practices satisfied the patients and what did not.  Patient satisfaction helps to understand various aspects of healthcare. Medical facilities are often ranked according to patient satisfaction it can ensure.

Why Is It Important?

The importance of Patient satisfaction is growing steadily. Healthcare providers are trying their best to meet the expectations of patients. The demand for improved care, higher quality health facilities and infrastructure is high. Patient satisfaction has become one of the top priorities among leading healthcare practitioners. Providing more patient satisfaction directly causes improvements in the success metrics of the hospitals and other individual providers. It also influences patient retention, clinical outcomes, and reimbursement claims.

The Internet and social media have created an atmosphere of public awareness. Patients are becoming more aware of the quality and type of healthcare facilities that different facilities provide. Healthcare professionals should take special care about ensuring convenience, transparency, and collaboration with their patients.  A patient feedback app like piHappiness can be used to create an interactive platform for educating patients. It provides a user-friendly platform to inform patients about new updates in the system and know their opinion. It is recommended that a fair amount of focus is on understanding the patient’s perspective. Healthcare professionals should seek to improve patient satisfaction by incorporating small and major changes in their approaches.                                                               

Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare providers realize the growing significance of patient satisfaction. New strategies and technological advances are being used to satisfy one’s patients. Many healthcare providers have started using patient satisfaction survey software to host surveys and collect reviews from a wide patient base. It helps to highlight key points and enables authorities to take swift action.

1. Using Patient Satisfaction as Balance Measure

Patient satisfaction should be used as a Balance Measure rather than as a driver for outcomes by health systems. This enables healthcare professionals to focus on improving the quality of care without ignoring the possible negative outcomes. Health organizations can ascertain that improvements in one sector do not adversely impact other sectors. A measure to balance patient satisfaction may be introduced to ascertain that the changes do not adversely affect the patient experience.

2. Training of Doctors and Employees

Healthcare systems must focus on providing sufficient training to the doctors and other employees to ensure quality patient experience. The professionals providing treatment must be courteous and cooperative with the patients. Friendly behaviour and homely atmosphere along with top-notch healthcare infrastructures endorse a progressive ecosystem of patients and medical staff. Much stress should be laid on developing personal ties with patients and building up a mechanism that ensures regular following-up with the patients. Effective communication is one of the most important tools to improve the patient experience. Regular use of a patient satisfaction survey software to find out the problems regarding working staff conduct is recommended.

3. Personalization of Patient Experience

Healthcare systems must attempt to develop their infrastructure in the direction of providing personalized patient experiences. Every patient must receive care in a way unique to them. A patient feedback app is an excellent way to achieve this. It is easy to use and provides a personal touch. Professionals may curate specialized machinery to provide intensive care to individual customers. There must be dedicated personnel looking after each patient. Constant vigilance is also required to ensure that proper care is being undertaken. Allocation of staff and medical spaces should also be done keeping patient satisfaction as the foremost priority. PR mechanisms should focus on creating personalized information portals to keep patients informed.

4. Utilization of Innovative Technology

Innovative technology should be used by the health systems for the purpose of obtaining feedback from patients. Effective use should be made of patient feedback survey software to increase patient satisfaction. The health systems must upgrade to better technological tools to take in data from patients by reaching out to them and understanding their attitudes towards the services being offered. Personalized and user-friendly patient feedback app and software can help medical professionals to under points of contention and improve upon systems as par patient reviews. These technological tools also help in providing insights into different aspects of healthcare.

5. Improvement in The Atmosphere of The Facility

The health officials must take extra care in maintaining a conducive and comfortable atmosphere within the facility. For example, a hospital must be kept clean, with proper beds and sheets, curtains, and most importantly clean washrooms. Proper channels of communication must be set up between the staff and the patient. The facility should not be noisy, discomforting, and unsettling for the patient. It should always focus on increasing patient satisfaction and build an ecosystem without much disturbance. Bureaucratic disruptions should not influence the disbursal of healthcare facilities to patients.


Thus, it is understood that quality healthcare offered with a personal touch is the key to customer satisfaction. A patient feedback app like piHappiness that is committed to providing varied solutions to problems faced by patients and healthcare facilities offers the expert technical assistance needed by medical professionals to cater to the expectations and needs of patients. Medical professionals should, thus, understand the importance of patient satisfaction and work towards improving these measures over time.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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