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Collecting Feedback Without Collecting Feedback for Driving Patient Experience in Hospitals

Patient experience has increasingly and rightfully become a central parameter to gauge the service provided by any hospital or healthcare facility. It would not be wrong to claim that service industries run on the fuel of customer satisfaction. Traditionally, patient experience was analyzed by collecting feedback manually on pen and paper. However, this rather time-consuming […]...
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Customer Experience Importance During COVID-19 in Healthcare Industry

With the unprecedented arrival of a global pandemic, the healthcare industries have been dealing with the demanding and enormous task of battling a novel virus. Even as the front-line health workers struggle with limited resources and increased work hours, the patient experience continues to be an important parameter of their service. Being a service industry, […]...
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How Can Healthcare Better Listen to Patients Today?

Healthcare has come up a long way now with the use of the latest technologies. But these technologies will be actually useful when the patient is able to put his or her trust in the medical specialist. Thus, whatever technologies you use, the human touch is always needed to cure the problem. Listening to the […]...
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Importance of Patient Feedback in Healthcare & How to Provide it

The number of patients reading online reviews before ever setting foot into a doctor’s office is increasing day by day. According to a report in 2013, nearly half of the patients who were surveyed opted to see a doctor who had received positive reviews. This was a really interesting report as it shed light on […]...
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How Patient Feedback System is Improving National Health Service?

Patient feedback is important for healthcare providers to understand how patients think about the service rendered. The captured feedback can be used for enhancing the quality of care and ultimately patient satisfaction. Further, the staff can use the data to implement the changes for ensuring patient safety. How to Capture Patient Feedback? Capturing patient feedback […]...
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Why Patient Feedback is Important?

With the quality of healthcare improving day by day, patients are diligent enough to pick a hospital that offers better quality services. On the other hand, with the rise in healthcare costs and insurance premiums, people are now looking to receive value for money services. With the availability of many alternative healthcare providers, patients have […]...
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