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It is critical for all hospitals to collect patient feedback to improve their healthcare services so that they can provide patients with the best experience during their stay. Using the primitive method of pen and paper makes it very difficult to keep track of all the feedback forms. Most of the times they end up getting lost and do not reach the person in charge.

This process is time-consuming and can take months before the feedbacks reach the authority and even longer for the necessary actions to get implemented. Using a Patient Feedback App all the work is stored in one place and they are much easier to handle than pen and paper.

Patient Feedback Software are available online and they come with a ton of features integrated within them so that it becomes easier to collect feedback and use them.

Here are some of the ways digital feedback system is useful for hospitals:

Real-time Notifications through a Patient Feedback App

A feedback software stores the reviews and delivers it to the person in concern instantly. In surveys done through pen and paper, this becomes a heavy process and failures ensue. Apologizing for the late action can be a solution but statistics show that customers are more likely to come back if they feel that their complaint was resolved quickly rather than apologizing for it. The only way to resolve issues quickly is through a digital feedback system.

CRM Integration of Patient Feedback Software

The major patient details like phone number, Email ID, birth details, etc. can be stored in the system. This data can be used to keep track of patient history and how frequently one uses your services. Phone numbers can be used to greet the patients on their special days such as birthdays. A patient feedback software comes in handy to manage all this pool of data.

Analyzing Doctor and Staff Performance

The performance of the medical staff can be evaluated through the feedback form based on who attended the patient. This data can be used to praise the good staffs and alert then poor ones. The patient feedback system can take all the feedback and turn them into graphs, pie charts, tables and all kinds of relevant information. This way it can be made sure that the best service is being provided to the patients.

Negative Feedback Alert

The apps send an alert upon receiving negative feedback so that the issue can be looked into even before the patient leaves the premises. Solving the issue instantly will surely make you go into the good books of the patient who is most likely to visit you again.


In the current age, performing a patient feedback survey through pen and paper instead of a digital one may be a red light in the eyes of many of your patients. The first thing that a patient expects from a good hospital is that they have everything digitized. One should definitely opt for a digital feedback system for the branding of the hospital. Such a system also helps in comparing your hospital with the competitors.

Real-time Feedback for the Feedback

Patients and visitors like it a lot when their feedback is heeded to and actions are taken swiftly. The most effective way you can use to make sure that the feedback received from patients is worked upon is replying. Through a patient/customer feedback app, you can reply to the feedback in real-time and give assurances that you can work on.

Positive Feedback as an Advertisement

In often cases, the patient feedback given is positive. These positive feedbacks can be utilized for online promotions and testimonials. An even better case scenario would be negative feedback, that is instantly replied to and worked on, till the issue is resolved. This will present a better advertizing campaign for your hospital’s work ethic and vigilance.

A patient is happy when they are totally satisfied with the experience you have offered during their stay at the hospital. It should be a top priority to keep patients satisfied at all times to uphold the reputation of the hospital.

A Digital patient feedback system is the way to go when it comes to taking feedback and using them to perform the necessary actions in a quick way.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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