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The education system today is indisputably facing challenges from almost all regions. With constantly decreasing teacher-student ratio in many countries, the system is surviving between budget constraints, rapidly evolving technology and a constant call for a complete system overhaul.

Something that appears to be in a distressful state of affairs is actually being dealt with by presenting every day with a new architecture that provides a better way of knowledge sharing. Student Feedback Apps, available in Play Store & App Store across platforms, are such advancements specifically dedicated to developing a profound education system.

Today, in this blog, we are focusing on comprehending the different avenues of student feedback apps that makes them an absolute necessity in 2019. Let’s understand how these apps or online systems promise a full refactoring of the student-teacher relationship.

How do you categorize the depth of knowledge imparted in any educational society? Apart from depending on surveys and discussion seminars, one of the most efficient methodologies is the student feedback software or apps. These are gaining popularity amongst the contemporary universities and colleges, owing to several benefits associated with its usage.

Advantages of Using Online Student Feedback App

  • With an aim to analyze the performance of faculty members and students studying in universities, schools, and colleges, these apps have been developed with specialized features. Teachers can easily understand the areas of concern for a particular student and sketch out an action plan accordingly.
  • With apps like this taking over the outdated techniques of interactions between the students and educational institutes, the time-consuming meetings and lengthy feedback forms would soon be a thing of the past.
  • Since the entire system is migrated to online servers and cloud-based applications, the extra effort usually wasted in keeping the records properly maintained can be eliminated. Teachers can simply use the app in their devices to share feedback and understand particular student’s specific concerns.
  • Paper-based feedback forms in large quantities are difficult to maintain and are also vulnerable to tampering or getting lost. There are chances that the privacy of students is compromised in certain conditions, which can be extremely unpleasant for both sides involved.
  • One of the most important features of student feedback apps is the digital mechanism. Being a digitally administered system, students and teachers are not obligated to be physically present for sharing feedback and comments with each other. This presents an exceptional opportunity for universities and colleges to keep in touch with the students constantly without organization special association meetings.
  • The scope of enhancing an application even after implementation is huge. Making a significant change in the paper-based feedback system can be time-consuming and expensive or at times simply impossible once the forms are already printed. However, having a digital feedback system allows you to change and enhance the app to function smoothly. 

Research on Student Survey System

Before the initiation of online student survey apps, the task of feedback gathering continued to be one of the most difficult situation. It involved gallons of printed feedback forms with multiple irrelevant questions that every student wished to avoid. There was hardly anyone taking the feedback process seriously. And even after receiving the completed forms, the data collected had very little role to play in any process upgradation. 

With student feedback system coming into the picture and having an online system, the data collected and presented in an organized manner increases the scope of further research and process development. Many institutes have been utilizing the data collected through feedback apps for process correction and addressing a student’s particular concerns.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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