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With the quality of healthcare improving day by day, patients are diligent enough to pick a hospital that offers better quality services. On the other hand, with the rise in healthcare costs and insurance premiums, people are now looking to receive value for money services. With the availability of many alternative healthcare providers, patients have multiple options to choose in case if they are dissatisfied with any provider.

The Patient Feedback System is the easiest way to connect with your patients. The feedback helps in the timely resolution of the issues and improves patient experience. Apart, patient feedback allows physicians to get to know about their quality of services, and also receive suggestions about improving their service. 

Make Patient Care More Personalised

The success of healthcare depends on the quality of services rendered and enhanced the patient experience. One of the best ways to measure patient satisfaction is by capturing patient feedback. Capture patient feedback of the respondents and identify the individual issues. You will not know the flaws unless you ask the patients for the feedback. If the issues are left unresolved, there are higher chances that patients never turn up again!

When you regularly ask patients for the feedback and respond to them, it helps improve patient engagement. It further incites a sense of confidence and belief among patients that their opinions are valued, which in turn enhances loyalty.

Improve the Quality of Care with the Patient Satisfaction Survey

Although you might be running successful healthcare services, there might still exist in some areas that need improvement. The success of any healthcare provider depends on the quality of care they provide. With carefully designed patient satisfaction survey, one can identify the gaps in the care, take remedial steps to improve the quality of services. Capturing patient feedback on various aspects such as the wait time, appointment scheduling, communication skills, professionalism, offers a complete picture of the quality of services. Apart, patient feedback also helps increase patient engagement and retention. 

For Reducing Patient Leakage and Increase Patient Engagement

Patient feedback helps identify gaps in care and improves patient retention and revenue. Apart from improving the quality of care, acting on the issues mentioned in the feedback helps to improve the patient’s experience. Instead of generalised questions, include specific questions in the feedback surveys related to office and medical staff, communication, billing, overall care and receive a comprehensive view of the hospital management.

Open Communication Platform

Patients feel reluctant offering their feedback to the physicians. They might also carry an opinion concerning the support staff working in the facility. Feedback offers a platform, wherein patients are free to express their opinion related to various aspects of the hospital.

By carefully analysing the feedback, it is easy to identify and focus on key areas that need improvement. The next thing is to inculcate the culture of open communication by involving the staff of all levels and discuss the best practices or other ideas that would benefit the practice. Patient feedback is the fool-proof way for the physicians to be more patient-centric.

For Maximising Organisation Revenue

Insurance payers are now using the patient experience as a metric to assess the quality of care offered by healthcare providers. Patient feedback is shaping the way the contractual agreements are structured. Several new partnerships between payers and healthcare providers based on patient feedback is fast becoming a common scenario in the healthcare industry.

For Benchmarking

Healthcare sector is progressing at a rapid pace and as such there has been a tough competition among the healthcare providers in offering quality services. Patient feedback offers a wonderful way to assess your stance when compared to the competitors. By analysing survey responses in the Patient feedback app, you would arrive at patient experience rating. You can compare your ratings with other healthcare providers. Patient feedback in a way can also be used as a benchmark to assess improvements overtime.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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