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Brands are continuously searching for compelling ways of acquiring a larger market share. One methodology that is consistently talked about is the significance of making customized customer experiences.  

One of the most outstanding ways of driving preferable client experience over utilizing sentiment analysis tools.  

Below, we have described what is an online sentiment analysis tool is and the way in which organizations can profit from utilizing them. We have also used customer feedback to assist with incorporating a rundown of what we accept are the best sentiment analysis software tools that anyone could hope to find available on the market.  

A methodology that brands are progressively utilizing to gain a superior understanding of their clients and their preferences is to utilize sentiment analysis tools. Tools like this can likewise help in the event that you struggle to track down how to successfully answer positive reviews. 

We’ll discuss each one independently, including its usability and cost-effectiveness. 

A Brief About Sentiment Analysis Tool   

A sentiment analysis tool is a software that surveys the intent, tone, and feeling behind a line of text. 

The sentiment analysis tools, if we talk in the marketing context, can be utilized to evaluate how emphatically or adversely your crowd feels about your brand, products, or services. The tools assist with analyzing social media posts, chat messages, and emails.  

Sentiment analysis tools are fueled by computer-based intelligence (AI) and regular language processing.  These tools scan strings of message for words with positive or negative connotations and afterward dole out a sentiment score to the text. 

More complex sentiment analysis tools can differentiate positive and negative feelings about various subjects within a single sentence. Take the following example: 

“I love their products, but I hate their new advertisements.” 

In this unique situation, a sentiment analysis tool would have the option to distinguish that this individual has a positive about your products, but negatively about your new ad campaign. By and large, it would probably classify this as a neutral statement.  

Why Should You Use Sentiment Analysis Tool?  

Without a sentiment analysis tool, candid feedback from your clients is simply lost in the ether. By utilizing an automated system, you can pull all that is expressed about your brand online into a helpful dashboard to track customer feedback. 

Without utilizing a sentiment analysis tool, although it can be simple for your group to zero in on just the most vital negative or positive feedback.  

However, an automated tool gives you a higher perspective of crowd feeling over time, permitting you to straightforwardly track your efforts to influence public sentiment.  

Now that you understand what compels a sentiment analysis tool so important, so, let’s explore the top devices accessible. 

Pros & Cons of Sentiment Analysis Tool 


There are numerous advantages associated with using sentiment analysis tools, and this also include how they provide the following:  

Improved bits of knowledge 

A capacity to consistently track sentiment across time 

Exact and fair-minded results 

One more added benefit related to utilizing sentiment analysis tools is that they save time and energy so your staff can deal with more higher-level tasks that haven’t yet been automated more higher-level tasks that haven’t yet been robotized and thus need their personal attention.  


Along with pros, there are also some cons associated with sentiment analysis tools, including:  

This field is generally new, so a few nuances are as yet being worked out. Results can now and then be inconsistent, making it important to double-check results and make manual corrections.  

Sentiment analysis is generally suitable for organizations consistently performing data analysis that additionally work with bigger data collections.  

Top Tools for Sentiment Analysis 


piHappiness’ sentiment analysis and proprietary Natural Language Processing software help calculate numeric scores on a scale from highly favorable to highly adverse.  It detects the nuances of negative sentiment which is a tricky task for a common person and identifies passive responses to resolve loops.   

With piHappiness sentiment analysis, one can even analyze and read sentiments in a variety of languages and help their team to communicate more effectively with customers and foster better engagement.  


piHappiness’ sentiment analysis Elite Plan comes at a price of $ 599 monthly, however, for the custom plan, one must contact or reach out to the company, as it is not mentioned on their website.   


Usersnap is amazing with regards to gathering client feedback. While some other tools aggregate sentiment data in the wider world.  

While different tools aggregate sentiment data in the more extensive world, Usersnap permits you to ask clients who are straightforwardly inside your product or on your site to give feedback, ideas, evaluations, and bug reports. 

This sort of feedback is essential with regard to building better products, experiences, and excursions for clients. 

With ready-built layouts, quick and low-code setup, as well as best-in-class customer support, Usersnap is the ideal answer for SaaS organizations hoping to more readily understand their user base.  


After the completion of the initial 15 day trial, you can get your client customer feedback going across groups at a cost of $69/month.   

HubSpot’s Service Hub  

HubSpot’s Service Hub breaks down qualitative client feedback survey examples reactions and permits clients to assess whether the feedback shows positive or negative expectations as a feature of client feedback analysis. 

With Usersnap’s local HubSpot integration, you can make HubSpot tickets out of Usersnap client criticism and use it to assist with further developing your CSM operations. 


HubSpot’s service hub will come at a price of $ 45 monthly if you select a starter plan. However, if you take a professional plan or enterprise plan, it will come at $360 per month or $1,200 per month.  

Critical Mention  

Far from other sentiment analysis tool providers mentioned over, this tool analyzes customer intent and feelings. Critical Mention permits organizations to examine news and select different distributions to analyze for references to their brands. 


Critical Mention doesn’t expeditiously list valuing for its sentiment analysis on its website, however, prescribes that intrigued people can connect with the organization for details on costs instead. 


If you are in search of A sentiment analysis tool that can give fascinating knowledge behind pictures, then you need to use Brandwatch, which would help you do that. 

This is a data tool that tracks aggregate followers, mention volume, and the latest activity.  


Brandwatch’s pricing currently is not accessible on the organization’s site. You should contact the organization with your interest, and they will explain to you the cost information.   

Social Mention                                                                             

If you are in search of a free sentiment analysis tool, then using social mentions would be the better option. A social mention is an analysis tool that allows users to look over social media profiles for an important understanding of what they are saying about brands.   


As mentioned above, the best thing about Social Mention is that it is a social media analysis tool, which is completely free to use.  

Social Searcher  

Assuming your business is seeking social media for mentions and, all the more explicitly client sentiment toward your organization, then, at that point, Social Searcher can assist you with doing that. 

Social Searcher permits you to connect a username, watchword, or hashtag, and it will play out a pursuit and report back on whether there are positive or negative data circulating about it. 


Social Searcher is a European organization, so pricing is recorded in Euros. They offer planned clients a valuable chance to try the sentiment analysis tool free of charge at first.  

When that trial period closes, it costs €3.49 each month for a basic plan, €8.49 each month for a standard plan, and €19.49 for a well professional plan.  


If you are in search of a web-based social listening tool, then Awario is the one that comes with many features. This characteristic permits you to get to this sentiment analysis tool once you sign into its site. 

Awario sources its data from social media platforms, including, for instance, Reddit strings and Tweets. This sentiment analysis tool additionally pulls data from sites, blogs, and forums. 


Awario is free only for an initial period of seven days, after which one must have to pay a nominal monthly fee to use this sentiment analysis tool.

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha

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