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In this arena of digitalization, customers have various alternatives for any product or service; therefore, it becomes essential to provide customer satisfaction. To maintain a satisfactory and trustworthy relationship between a venture and its customers, feedback through a customer experience app becomes imperative.

Traditional feedback systems like the door to door surveys, researches, and pen and paper evaluation proved to be very time consuming and brought an outcome which somewhere or the other proved to be inappropriate or had the risk of getting misplaced or couldn’t bring the matter up to the mark. Customer feedback software provides solutions to record a customer’s insights.

Any customer feedback app must aim for certain objectives, which can help in improving the customer experience of your venture. In this blog, we will go through the 10 most important objectives.

1. Real-time Feedback Monitoring: Customer feedback is critical and can prove to be a step for rectifying and strengthening the services provided. Feedback also lets to know the satisfaction of a customer with the provided service or product. Monitoring the feedback within an estimated time is very influential as it becomes a medium to track customers’ opinions and satisfaction levels.

2. Analyzing Feedback Through Social Media: With the advent of social media platforms in today’s culture, it has become a prominent figure for obtaining customer feedback. Social media platforms are the best places for the exchange of feedback, for knowing the mass preference and also eliminating flaws. Customers are usually more open on social media platforms about their experience, which means that for obtaining authentic feedback from customers, you should keep your eyes locked on customer feedback on these platforms. Moreover, interacting with customers on social media also presents a good relationship-building opportunity for businesses.

3. Highlighting Events and Expos: Feedback usually comes into play after an event, or an expo gets over. It is a high time for the business personnel when a customer after completion of an event and an expo shares feedback. Monitoring those feedback which exactly comes into play after an expo or an event is of vital importance as it highlights the objectives and feedback helps to eradicate the flaws, thus polishing it.

4. Turning Expectations into Reality: Business personal or certain organization can turn the expectations of a customer into reality through feedback, thus making the objectives transparent and working on it no sooner.

5. Breaking Barriers of Communication: Feedback primarily helps in breaking communication barriers, especially linguistic. The role of feedback software is to rectify or remove the flaws and not only satisfy but also make customers happy.

6.Customer Survey and Online Review: The online review provided by the customer feedback software is influential for many people and also helps in merging the survey requests with customer relationship management. The collection of online feedback may also prove as a brand promoter, thus enlarging the customer circle bringing about a profit for the business and the company.

7. Performance of Employees in Customer Surveys: The feedback application should be able to differentiate between the types of reviews coming from different sources so that analyzing can be made easier thus making improvements and initiatives be handled individually.

8. In Competition With the Alternative: The feedback software should time its feedback properly to provide better schemes or endorse brand promotion attractively so that the market doesn’t turn to be a monopoly and compete with the alternatives.

9. Regain Lost Customers: By analyzing the responses of customers nationally and internationally, across various regions and grounds, the feedback agents can work upon the flaws and create a solution and by delivering the solution to the correct person quickly, regain the interest of the lost customers.

10. Bring Positive Outcome from Negative Reviews:  Negative reviews or feedback must be attended at the earliest so that it doesn’t hamper further business or create a sense of dissatisfaction among the customers and bring about a question for the company’s reputation hence treating negative reviews with the best possible solution can bring about a positive outcome protecting the reputation of the brand.


Overall, feedback software apps provide satisfaction to the customer and also a wide range to choose from. Feedback software application presents various options along with reviews creating satisfaction and trusted relationships. Feedback gives us insights into what the customers want from your business, which attracts customers more or what changes customers want from your venture to make our brand and product better than our competitors. Business runs only on a particular rule that is a satisfied customer leads to a happy customer, and a happy customer leads to a successful business.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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