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There’s no doubt in asserting that customer feedback software is the need of the hour. Ascertaining the perspective of customers around the globe and helping businesses improve their strategies, customer feedbacks play an important role in driving a business towards success.

There is a plethora of customer satisfaction survey software in the market. It depends on the businesses to locate the ideal survey and feedback tool that best suits their requirements. A feedback and survey app can only do it work when it is equipped with the quality features and beneficial integrations.

Features That Count

Efficient Features make a software stand out from its peers. Features of a customer feedback app and software create a significant difference in its quality service. If you are also on a quest of locating that ideal feedback and survey tool, then take a look at the below key features that you must consider before making a decision.


Application Program Interface (API) is a software program integrated to set rules, protocols, and tools for building software. Your customer feedback app must be equipped with API features to make your surveys intuitive and interactive.

Data Filtering

It is one of the key features every customer satisfaction survey software must possess. Data filtering helps in segregating customer feedback, reviews, and other data in a way that enables businesses to organize things better.

Drag and Drop Interface

Introduce to make the surveying procedure convenient and comfortable for the business, drag, and drop feature lets you easily select and add feedbacks into different categories. Such a comfortable interface also enables customers to engage with the survey better.

Employee Management

Survey tools and apps are not only used to get valuable feedback from customers. Employee management is also a key factor in driving a business towards productivity. There are plenty of software that comes with the feature of employee management, and you must look out for it.


No matter where the company is located, a targeted audience can be from any part of the world. Multi-language feature proves to be beneficial to create surveys and feedback forms in different languages.

Multiple-Channel Management

In today’s digital era, customers are spread across wide platforms and become quite strenuous to keep a track on every platform. Multi-channel management feature of customer feedback software helps in collecting customer data, review, and feedback from multiple channels and prepare a single report for the company.

Offline Access

Offline access has now become a key feature of every online app, and survey apps are no different. Offline access features let your customers take the survey in offline mode that eventually adds a point to your business’ credibility.

Real-Time Analytics

Feedbacks and surveys can be strenuous, and preparing a report by analyzing different aspects of the survey can be even more frustrating. The feature of real-time analytics helps in getting instant results on the feedback received. It offers a convenient and seamless approach to get data in the most organic way. Furthermore, real-time analytics gives a clear picture of the customer’s perspective and experience in facts and figures.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Surveys and feedbacks are taken to improve sales and marketing strategy and eventually meet the end goal. What if your survey software can set goals and objectives that make things easier for you? Goal setting and tracking have become a prominent feature of customer satisfaction survey software. It helps in tracking the progress of strategies deployed via gauging the results of the feedback.

Integrations That Matter

Along with features that make the concerned app or software unique in its own way, integrations also give their significant contribution in making it potent enough for industry development. Take a look at the below integrations that your customer satisfaction survey software must be equipped with.


Salesforce is a popular CRM software that helps in potently managing clients. Integrating Salesforce into customer satisfaction software helps in monitoring customer perspective and at the same deploying appropriate strategies for the same.


A revolutionizing marketing automation software, Marketo helps businesses in mastering the art of digital marketing and engaging customers efficiently. Marketo integration in a customer feedback app will enable marketers to take the feedback results into account to create productive strategies.

Google Analytics

Analyzing the detailed information of a concerned topic and providing valuable insights on the same, Google Analytics is renowned and widely acclaimed analytics software. The customer feedback app that is integrated with Google Analytics will give a productive turn to the feedback acquired. The integration will shape the feedback into a successful strategy.


Intercom is a messaging platform designed for customers. It is used for connecting with the targeted audience and inform them about the products, services and offer them round the clock support. Taking advantage of this messaging platform, survey software can send across their feedback forms and questionnaire via mail, SMS, and live chat.


Slack is yet another online instant messaging system that helps in centralizing all the notifications from different departments into a single platform. By integrating Slack into survey software, businesses can relish the benefits of team collaboration and receiving multiple data in one interface.

Adobe Analytics

Preparing reports based on different dimensions, Adobe Analytics is also an efficient analytics software. Making data collection easier and insight generation smarter, Adobe Analytics has been aiding businesses in more than one way. The integration of Adobe Analytics will enable companies to get better cognizance of the feedback received and resourceful reports for the same.


Customer feedback software is necessary than ever. Today, businesses rely on customer insights in order to create an influential marketing and sales strategy. Eminent features and quality integration together create a potent customer feedback app. Filtering the right feature and scrutinizing the integration will help you locate that ideal app/software that will best suit your requirements.

piHappiness understands the needs of a fully equipped and feature-rich feedback and survey app. Hence, we provide you an efficient platform for all your survey needs. Get in touch with us to start surveying your audience today.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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